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May 21, 2020
Brazilian National High School Evaluation (ENEM) has been created to evaluate the knowledge of students who have graduated from High School. EAB students who intend to take the ENEM as regular candidates should take the exam AFTER graduating from high school.
May 21, 2020
The High School Faculty has ended each week of distance learning with a brief organizational meeting, and, when the work day is done at 4:01, a toast. It is hard to explain to those who haven't seen it firsthand how hard EAB Teachers have worked to ensure that learning continues during the coronavirus pandemic and the toast has become a wonderful "tradition" that has allowed us to celebrate each other and end the week with a shared laugh.
May 14, 2020
As the end of the year approaches, a group of student service leaders is planning a drive directed to a refugee center. The “Aldeias Infantis SOS Brasil” is an agency created by the UN (and supported by the EU) that focuses on helping families at risk. They are asking for donations of the following items: clothes (for adults and kids), shoes, household utensils, "basic baskets" (cestas básicas) and food, toys, fans, bedding, and cleaning products. We will be collecting donations in a green box at the front gate at EAB. Anything you are willing to donate will be put to good use by the families.
May 14, 2020
First graders at EAB continue to impress us all! We are so lucky to have such a vivacious hardworking and fun group of little ones in our charge this year. Students and their families have quickly adapted to distance learning and have produced the highest quality of work, taking advantage of the tools available to them as well as their immense creativity. Across all content areas we have seen students in 1A and 1B thrive and continue their learning journey without skipping a beat.
May 8, 2020
Throughout this pandemic, our entire EAB community has focused on one thing: supporting continued learning and growth by our students while keeping our community safe. You as parents continue to be essential to student success and we thank you for your support.

Welcome to EAB

Allan Bredy
Allan Bredy
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the American School of Brasilia or, as the school is commonly referred to, EAB. We have been serving the community in Brasilia with an international curriculum for more than 55 years. As the school mission states, we are committed to the academic preparation of our students, the development of inquisitiveness,…

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the American School of Brasilia or, as the school is commonly referred to, EAB. We have been serving the community in Brasilia with an international curriculum for more than 55 years. As the school mission states, we are committed to the academic preparation of our students, the development of inquisitiveness, ethical behavior, and service, as well as to preparing them for the ongoing opportunities and challenges the future will hold.

The school uses American curriculum standards and benchmarks with an international perspective and a college preparatory level of rigor. While academic excellence is our focus, EAB has also a great sense of community where friendships are quickly formed. Brazilian, American and international cultures are warmly embraced, and relationships are highly valued. It is EAB’s strong sense of community that forms the foundation to support the five pillars of the school: leadership, service, arts, activities, and academics. In addition, EAB is proud to offer three rigorous diplomas – American, Brazilian, and International Baccalaureate (IB) – in an environment that promotes the holistic education of each child through a differentiated approach. Finally, EAB provides an outstanding educational program to its students in a manner that allows students to achieve their potential through an approach that is both supportive and challenging.

The students and families of EAB come from more than 50 countries and bring a wonderful international experience and perspective to the school. EAB’s students have an established tradition of hard work, varied interests, and a passion for learning. 

It is my pleasure to work with you and your families and I welcome your contact or questions if I can be of service in any regard.


Allan Bredy

More Profiles

Senior Spotlight

May 27, 2020
Arriving on campus in tenth grade, Luiza has had a tremendously positive impact on the community ever since. Indeed, there is not an activity, or event, at the school that has not benefited from Luiza’s involvement in it: from her organization and promotion of fundraisers for her various service commitments, including her work for Crèche Primavera, to her role as Creative Director of the school’s newspaper, the “Bullseye”, to her membership of the National Honor Society, Luiza has graced us with her compassionate presence.
May 27, 2020
Erick has been a proud member of the EAB Community for the past twelve years. We have watched him grow into a strong and mature man, who can face the challenges that life brings with honesty, grace and dignity. Erick's relationships with teachers and teaching assistants have always been excellent. His favourite memory is of Ms Isabel, who paid him some home visits after his surgery, to tell him she missed his bad jokes. Erick is a great friend; he feels proud of "the people he made friends with" during his years at EAB.
May 27, 2020
Eduardo has been a proud Bull since arriving on campus in second grade. A keen sportsman, he has enjoyed many successes on the football field. He says his favourite memories will be "all the soccer memories". He demonstrated leadership skills on and off the pitch. His contributions to leading EduArtes was always appreciated by the student-teachers, Ms Bree and the learners. His competitive nature drove others to be better.
May 27, 2020
Luiz has been a proud and dedicated Bull for the past 13 years. He is part of the fabric of EAB, known and respected by the community for his determination and resilience. Luiz is most proud of how his "hard work was recognised" by his peers and teachers. As Ms Teresa says, "over the years, he has become more and more aware of the opportunity that was in his hands and became a hard working, responsible student".
May 26, 2020
Israel has been a proud member of the EAB Community since first grade. A popular member of the Senior group, he achieved this popularity through consistently being "very considerate" (Ms Simone) towards all members of the EAB community. His cheerful attitude and "good spirits" (Mr Martorelli) could always be counted on to liven up any moment. Israel is proud of his learning, rightfully so.


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