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SGAS 605 Conjunto E, Lotes 34/37 | Brasilia, DF 70200-650 Brazil | 55 (61) 3442-9700
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Sábado Legal - Festa Junina
Dates & Times 05/27/2017
5:00 pm -to- 9:00 pm
Summary • DESCRIPTION: The Festa Junina is recognized as one of the most important popular celebrations of Brazilian culture. It is characterized as one of the most traditional and amusing cultural events of our country, because it has a rich diversity in different contexts, such as: clothing, dances, ethnic food, cultural, musical and social diversity. EAB always organizes a great event to our community to expand academic knowledge and, most important, the experience as citizens of the world in a diverse, collaborative and harmonious environment. Our students have the opportunity to learn more about the context of this important event in their classes, where the content and cross-cutting themes are developed and enhanced underlying the interdisciplinary academic curricula of the disciplines. Attractions: Band Folk Music Dance Performance by EAB Students Professional Quadrilha Students Quadrilha Games Mechanical bull Forró Contest Traditional Food Correio Elegante (Delivery notes)
Upper School Band Concert
Dates & Times 05/30/2017
7:30 pm -to- 9:00 pm
Location Auditorium
Summary Person in Charge: Rodger
Celebration of Learning
Dates & Times 05/31/2017
All Day
Summary Person Responsibility: Jonathan McMullen Leadership Responsibility: Toni Boush Description: Dear Families, We are writing to provide specific information for the annual Lower School Celebration of Learning on Wednesday, May 31 (9:00am to 3:10pm). The day is designed to give each student the opportunity to spend time with their families to discuss many of the concepts and skills that they have been learning this year. This time is also important for families to engage in a dialogue with their child about their learning. This ability to talk with your child about their learning will pay substantial dividends in the future! Below, we have tried to capture the key points about the day. We look forward to seeing you and your family on this special day! Sincerely, Ms. Toni and Mr. Jonathan Celebration of Learning: It is NOT a regular day of school. Students will only come to school with their families at the time you have scheduled. Please use the link which was emailed home on May 22 to schedule a time. The entire celebration is led by your child. Please arrive and attend school on this day with your child(ren). They are sharing their learning with you! Please sign up for a one hour time block. Some students may share all they have to share in an hour, others may take less time. In this time, you will visit: Gr. 1-5 families: the homeroom classroom, Portuguese, and Specials. K3, K4 and K5 families: homeroom classroom only (Art, Music, P.E. Portuguese/PLL work will be in the classroom or nearby) There will be multiple families in the room at each time, however, your family should try to focus on your child and his/her particular learning. Teachers will be in or near the room, however, if you want to talk specifically to the teacher about concerns, please schedule an appointment for a different time as a follow up to the Celebration of Learning. This day is about your child sharing the highlights of their progress with you. If you schedule a time during the middle of the day, at least one teacher will be nearby but the other teacher(s) may be at lunch. The classrooms of Specialists (Music, Art, P.E.) will remain open however they will be at lunch from 12-1PM. Enjoy this quality time and reflection upon the year with your family and us!
Writing Course - High School / Curso de Redação - High School
Dates & Times 05/31/2017
8:00 am -to- 8:50 am
Location room US 26
Summary CURSO DE REDAÇÃO - Todas às quartas-feiras ,das 8h às 8:50h A EAB está oferecendo, gratuitamente, em caráter opcional, um CURSO DE PRODUÇÃO TEXTUAL/REDAÇÃO para os alunos do HS, visando auxiliá-los nos vestibulares e exames nacionais brasileiros, como: PAS e Enem. HS- WRITING COURSE - All on Wednesdays from 8 am to 8:50 am The EAB is offering free of charge on optional basis, a WRITING COURSE for HS students, aiming to assist them in Brazilian national tests, such as vestibular, PAS and Enem.
HS Final Exams
Dates & Times Starts: 06/1/2017 @ All Day
Ends: 06/2/2017 @ All Day
Summary Grade 9 to 11 students complete final exams for the 2015 / 2016 school year.
May 25, 2017
EAB conducts community-wide surveys twice a year, one in September/October and one in May/June.
May 25, 2017
The IB exam session for May 2017 is now concluded. The graduation last Saturday was a testament to the hard work and commitment of our students. On July 5th our graduating class of 2017 will be able to access their results.
May 25, 2017
Our traditional EAB Family Festa Junina is coming up! We are all getting into the spirit! Our party will be on Saturday, May, 27th, from 5pm to 9pm.
May 25, 2017
On Tuesday, May 30 the Upper School PTO will host a coffee to support parents and students who are transitioning to a new phase of the EAB Education next year. We will have specific sessions to welcome parents in the following areas:
May 25, 2017
The end of the school year is in sight. It has been a very exciting, busy and fun-filled school year. Starting the new school year seems like just yesterday. So much has gone on in just one school year. Our teachers, staff and students have been so active in making this year a strong academic and social year for each other. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this team and for how all the families have welcomed me into such a wonderful community. I want you to know that your children have been in good hands.


Welcome to the American School of Brasilia or, as the school is commonly referred to, EAB. Thank you for visiting our website and seeking to learn more about EAB’s educational programs and our community. We hope this site will answer your questions, whether you are a prospective parent, student, or a teacher looking into employment…

Welcome to the American School of Brasilia or, as the school is commonly referred to, EAB. Thank you for visiting our website and seeking to learn more about EAB’s educational programs and our community. We hope this site will answer your questions, whether you are a prospective parent, student, or a teacher looking into employment possibilities.
It can be argued that one of EAB’s greatest strengths is its sense of community and I often hear the word “family” used to describe how people feel about the school. It is a community where friendships are quickly formed, Brazilian, American and international cultures are warmly embraced, and relationships are highly valued. It is EAB’s strong sense of community that forms the foundation to support the five pillars of the school: leadership, service, arts, activities, and academics. In addition, EAB is proud to offer three rigorous diplomas – American, Brazilian, and International Baccalaureate (IB) – in an environment that promotes the holistic education of each child through a differentiated approach. Finally, EAB provides an outstanding educational program to its students in a manner that allows students to achieve their potential through an approach that is both supportive and challenging.
The American School of Brasilia has been operating for more than fifty years, since the inception of the city of Brasilia, which has led to a strong relationship between the school and the Brazilian community, international organizations, and more than 140 embassies located in the city. It is through these strong connections that EAB is poised to celebrate another fifty years of continued growth, development, and excellence. EAB is an exceptional school that has played a key role in the education of Brazilian and international students and there is indeed much to be proud of at this time in the school’s history. We are equally excited about the future and the current initiatives to continue ensuring EAB’s place as an outstanding school in the international and local educational communities.
Thank you again for visiting EAB’s website. There is a tremendous amount of pride and excitement associated with EAB and we are appreciative of the opportunity to share the EAB spirit with you through this venue.


Barry Dequanne
Head of School



Festa Junina 2017
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Posted on: May 27, 2017
Cap toss is next!! 🎓 #EABSeniors2017 Want to watch it again? Go to:
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Posted on: May 20, 2017
American School of Brasilia (EAB) was live.
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Posted on: May 20, 2017
The Seniors Graduation Ceremony just started!!! 🎓 If you want to watch the whole thing, click on the link:
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Posted on: May 20, 2017
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