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School News

What's Ahead at EAB: Professional Half Day and MAP Individual Growth Reports
February 14, 2019
On Friday, February 22nd, the school will be open for a half day only. We will close for instruction at 11.30 a.m. As for the MAP Individual Growth Reports, we will publish them on Friday, February 22nd.
Professional Development Opportunity in Science Education
February 14, 2019
Over the summer break, I was fortunate enough to participate in a range of professional development opportunities in Graz, Austria and various locations in England. I first participated in 2 roundtable discussions at the University of Graz and met with the Graz Scientific Council. Through contacts that I made at the first roundtable, I was invited to sit in on a third in the Human Rights Institute! I then went to London to meet with the London Science Museum Academy (wow!) whereby what was scheduled to be a sit down session turned into 3 hours of discussions, experiments, demonstrations and short lectures. I then went up to Northampton to meet with 2 professors from the scientific research unit on water at Cranbourne University (world leaders on water research) and finally, all the way down to Plymouth to learn about hydrography and oceanography.
Beyond Data: Success at the American School of Brasilia
February 7, 2019
By any traditional measure, The American School of Brasilia is a successful school.  We have data to back it up. We have numbers to make our case. I am inspired by EAB Students every day, and, in trying to uncover evidence of success outside of the numbers, I had an idea to pick a group of Seniors and ask them, on camera, what success at EAB means to them.
What's Ahead at EAB: Lines of Communication
February 7, 2019
Here at EAB we value effective communication between parents and school personnel. In fact, we know that when there is a positive flow of information between home and school, and vice versa, everyone benefits.
Erma Anderson will be at EAB again this month!
January 31, 2019
Erma Anderson, who is known around the world for her expertise in teaching and learning in Mathematics and Science will be returning to EAB for her second visit this school year. Erma will be working with 11 of our teachers (and some others from other South American International Schools) for a 3 day intensive on developing deep mathematical understandings in children from K3 to G12.
Teaching Reading in EAB's Lower School
January 31, 2019
Learning to read is probably one of the most challengingly complex things we as human beings do. It involves learning to look at letters and words in whichever chosen language, interpreting these, connecting them with ones you already know, making the correct sounds and ultimately understanding the sense of the message.
Mindfulness: What is it? Why do we hear so much about it? Who is it for?
January 24, 2019
We hear a lot about Mindfulness these days and implementing these programs in schools! I have been enrolled in two Mindful School Courses recently and have had the privilege of teaching six 15 minutes classes to one of our second grade classrooms!
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