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Auction Donations!

Wanted: Auction Donations!

The annual EAB silent auction is around the corner. This fun event is organized by EAB’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and will take place on Saturday March 11 from 10am-12:30pm at the school, on the same day as World Fest. You can win great prizes, and proceeds from the silent auction directly go back to support student learning and school activities.

To put on a great auction, we are currently looking for donations (items or services) from the EAB community, local businesses, and embassies. If you know any local businesses or embassies that might be interested in donating an item, please get in touch with the PTO ( Also, please stay tuned for upcoming updates about the Classroom Baskets and other volunteer opportunities for the auction. You can read more about the auction here.


Next PTO coffees: February 23 and March 9

Still a few weeks away, but you can already mark your calendar. These are the dates for the next PTO coffee mornings, one for the Upper School families (February 23, 8:15-9:15am) and one for the Early Childhood families (March 9, 8:15-9:15am). The PTO organizes these coffee mornings for the different school sections together with the school to bring attention to topics of interest and support communication among the EAB community and school staff. Details about these two coffees will be posted soon.


PTO meeting February 21 2017

The next PTO Board is on Tuesday January 24 at 1:30pm in one of the iCommons meeting rooms. Of course you don’t have to come to the PTO Board Meetings to help out with PTO and other volunteer activities at the school, but you are always welcome to share your thoughts and suggestions. With questions and suggestions or to see last meeting’s minutes, please email

Stay in touch with the PTO. If you are interested in participating in organizing PTO events or simply being part of a Whatsapp Group of "PTO volunteers" (so you can always know what is going on), please contact or simply talk to a PTO member at a meeting or coffee morning. We look forward to seeing you!



A Próxima Reunião do Conselho PTO

A próxima reunião do Conselho PTO é na terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro, às 13:30, numa das salas do ICommons. É claro que você não tem que vir às reuniões do Conselho do PTO para ser voluntário e colaborar com as atividades  direcionadas à escola, mas será sempre bem-vind@ a participar e dar suas opiniões e sugestões. Se tiver perguntas e sugestões, ou para ver as Minutas das reuniões passadas, mande um e-mail para

Se você tiver interesse em participar do Conselho do PTO ou fazer parte do grupo de Voluntários no  WhatsApp, para saber o que está rolando nas atividades do PTO, entre em contato com ou simplesmente venha aos cafés e reuniões. Estamos ansiosos para ver você participar.

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