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You are part of the PTO!

You are part of the PTO!

As a family with students at EAB, you are automatically part of our EAB Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), a volunteer organization aimed at strengthening communication between parents, teachers and other school staff, and building a strong community that supports our students’ learning.

Why would you be active in the PTO?

  1. It's good for your child

  2. It is important for the school

  3. You’ll be connected

  4. It's fun!

And these are just 4 of 10 good reasons. Check out for yourself:

Thank you for your support!

In case you missed it -- we just want to repeat our BIG THANK YOU to all parents, teachers, and local businesses--for your support of the auction. Here once more our fabulous list of donors:


2017 EAB PTO Auction -- List of Donors

A Cara do Pai

Gilberto Salomão


Balocco Brinquedos

Asa Sul 111, Lago Sul QI11 DECK BRASIL


Belgian Embassy


Asa Sul 112, Asa Norte 109, Lago Sul QI11,  


Benigna Venâncio Jóias

Fashion Mall EQS 302/303


CIAVE Clínica Veterinária

Lago Sul SHIS QI 25,


Claudio Dinoah Cabelo & Maquiagem

Asa Sul,   


Companhia Athletica   


D'or por Silvia Badra


El Point Peruano Restaurante



Flavia Carvalho Pinto  


Gastrocirurgia de Brasília  


Golden Clinic

Centro Clínico de Longevidade,



Asa Sul 411


International Student-Athletes (ISA) Academy



203 Sul, 309 Norte, Gilberto Salomão,


Laboratorio Sabin  


Ateliê Letícia Gonzaga

Asa Sul 211


LeVin Bistro

ParkShopping Brasília


Marcelo Vasconcelos e Equipe





Miranda Castro

Gilberto Salomão,  


The MoveMeant Studio

Laura Jennings


Mosaic Moments Studio  


Mixed Kids

Lago Sul QI9/11,  



Asa Norte 309,  


Patricia Pulido Photography  


Pão de Mel Graça Torres  


Q.U.A.D.R.A. Concept Store

Lago Sul, QI13


Salve Rainha


Simone Novaes Jóias



Sol & Vento

Asa Sul 112, Lago Sul QI09


Spa Raquel Furquin  


Speak Portuguese  


Stella Barros Turismo  


Swedish Embassy


Tyrol Clothes & Style




PTO meeting April 18 2017

Join us for the next PTO Board meeting on Tuesday April 18 at 1:30pm. (**Note that we might be starting at 12:30 pm already with a shared lunch; please contact us for details about this meeting).  We invite any parent to come once…twice... or many times to our PTO Board Meetings! Just come listen to what is going on and share your thoughts. We’d love to see you or hear from you.


Stay in touch with the PTO. The PTO works to enhance communication among parents, the school, and teachers to support student learning and build a strong school community. If you are interested in participating in PTO events, have a suggestion, or simply want to be part of a PTO information Whatsapp Group, please contact or talk to a PTO member. We look forward to seeing you!


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