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Lead Articles

Big 8 Tournament
April 28, 2022
The Big 8 tournament is designed to provide Varsity student-athletes with the opportunity to engage in healthy competition in girls’ and boys’ soccer and basketball in an effort to improve attitudes toward fair play and friendship.
CIS Accreditation Visit: April 25th-29th
April 22, 2022
Starting Monday, April 25th, EAB is thrilled to host an accreditation evaluation team from the Council of International Schools. We've been working with CIS for the past two years as part of our accreditation process.
Character & Learner Trait: Reflective
April 8, 2022
Dear EAB Families, The Learner Trait of Reflective for the month of April is one of the best traits we have. So much can be learned from spending time thinking about past experiences. How do you reflect? Here is the definition we follow at EAB below:
IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2022
April 1, 2022
The IBDP visual arts course is a two-year journey that encourages students to challenge their own creativity and express themselves through the arts. It is a thought-provoking program where students have to question their own culture, their experiences, and the world around them. Students learn to problem solve and develop technical, analytical, and research skills. They experiment with a variety of materials and techniques and explore the visual arts from different perspectives. Students critique and reflect on their work as well as the works of classic and contemporary artists from around the world.
Environmental & Service Day 2022
March 25, 2022
When talking about sustainability, usually the things that come to mind are the environment and ecosystems. Sustainability cannot be thought of separately when its three pillars are completely intertwined. For a more sustainable world, solutions have to be sought thinking about the environment, society and economy altogether.
EAB Community Planning Day
March 18, 2022
This past Wednesday was a historical day for EAB. We had students, parents, teachers, staff, school leadership, and board members working together at our 1st annual Community Planning Day. It was a magnificent morning full of connection and inspiring ideas for the future.
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