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Lead Articles

Developing Leaders at EAB
March 21, 2019
As one of the pillars of the EAB Vision, the development of leadership is a fundamental part of the education we provide and we have some evidence that we are finding success through our efforts.
A Journey Through the Visual Arts!
March 14, 2019
The art room has been very productive this year. We have experimented with a variety of media and techniques, starting with mosaic on benches.
Teachers are Learners, Too! Watch Us Grow!
February 28, 2019
At EAB, learners come in all ages. In order to provide those rigorous and engaging learning experiences for students, teachers need to grow and keep up with best practices. Someone once said, “Every flower deserves sunshine and water; every flower deserves to grow.” Just like our students are in a constant state of growth so, too, are our teachers.
Fun Run 2019 - February 23rd
February 21, 2019
For years EAB has been offering a day to celebrate wellness, good health and to bring awareness of the importance of being physically active. This day is called Fun Run, and it has quickly become one of our community´s favorite events). Maybe because our main focus goes to differentiation and inclusion. This is one of the only "street races" that you will find all age levels represented from 0-100, all are welcome and encouraged to participate.
Professional Development Opportunity in Science Education
February 14, 2019
Over the summer break, I was fortunate enough to participate in a range of professional development opportunities in Graz, Austria and various locations in England. I first participated in 2 roundtable discussions at the University of Graz and met with the Graz Scientific Council. Through contacts that I made at the first roundtable, I was invited to sit in on a third in the Human Rights Institute! I then went to London to meet with the London Science Museum Academy (wow!) whereby what was scheduled to be a sit down session turned into 3 hours of discussions, experiments, demonstrations and short lectures. I then went up to Northampton to meet with 2 professors from the scientific research unit on water at Cranbourne University (world leaders on water research) and finally, all the way down to Plymouth to learn about hydrography and oceanography.
Beyond Data: Success at the American School of Brasilia
February 7, 2019
By any traditional measure, The American School of Brasilia is a successful school.  We have data to back it up. We have numbers to make our case. I am inspired by EAB Students every day, and, in trying to uncover evidence of success outside of the numbers, I had an idea to pick a group of Seniors and ask them, on camera, what success at EAB means to them.
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