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News from Lower School

Lower School Sites:Please visit our grade-level websites each week, as they are updated to include new information and resources for you to enjoy!



The Lower School Assembly that was scheduled for this Friday, Dec. 2, has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 9:15am, in the auditorium. Focus: Collaborative / Caring; Color: red.


Pick Up Routines Reminder

As the calendar year is winding down, we want to remind you of important pick-up routines at EAB.  Thank you in advance for always following our dismissal times and procedures!  


  • Children may be picked up at their classroom, front gate or back gate.

  • Any student remaining on campus after their scheduled program(s) must be accompanied by a supervising parent or guardian.

  • Children taking the school busses are expected to go to their assigned bus lines at the Back Gate immediately after being dismissed from class at the end of the day.

  • If your child needs to be picked up from school before 3:10 PM, the adult picking them up needs to first complete a signed Authorization Slip in the Lower School Office to present to the guards at the gate.

  • Grade 1-5 Students may wait in the Front Gate if you are not picking them up at the classroom.   Please note there is no supervision after school and we ask that you pick you students up promptly.   


Holiday Musical Show

As the Lower School Holiday program draws near, we are reminded of the importance of music in the lives of elementary age children.   A music rich experience for children singing , listening and or dancing and moving to music has many benefits.   It involves more than just using voice or fingers as we know the child who is learning about music has to tap into multiple skill sets.  Ears, eyes, small and large muscles, language, reading, writing are all used in order to fully engage in music.  And so “ Tis the Season”  to appreciate all our students as they gear up for the show.  





Celebrate the season with Holiday Cookies and Pão de Mel   PTO BAKE SALE

Come share your favorite holiday cookies! On Friday December 9, please bring a dozen or two of your favorite cookies (family recipe or store-bought all good!) to share with the EAB family. We’ll be selling the cookies on Saturday December 10 before and after the LS Holiday Program. Proceeds go to the EAB Parent Teacher Organization for school-wide activities and projects.

Details: Please, NO NUTS; bring the cookies in a disposable container or with your name on it to Della Henry’s office by 4pm on Friday December 9. Thank you!



We were excited by the amount of families that attended our recent PTO Coffee Workshops.  Family members demonstrated their understanding and interest in learning more about two important topics at our school: scientific learning provocations in ECP and the Common Core mathematics in Grades 1-5.  In ECP, teachers are using learning provocations to intentionally nurture curiosity in students and on this day, families practiced creating their own provocations which can also be used in homes!  Grade 1-5 families identified how we use the Common Core standards to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematics strategies and how they can be supported at home.  Below, are pictures of adults learning and being inquisitive in life!  We hope you can attend our next event.  Please click on these links to view the presentations if you were unable to attend!  ECP/Science and Gr.1-5 Math




Supporting our Community:  We have been deeply saddened by the incident that happened last Friday to our student, family members and our workers.  Our Message of Hope is that all those affected by this accident will heal as fast as their bodies will allow and that our messages of love, support and healing will be received as signs of our community reaching out to those in need!



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