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Recruiting the Best Teachers in the World

Inherent in international education is the fact that every year talented and cherished members of the EAB Faculty make the decision to leave the school.  Saying goodbye to colleagues and friends each June is one of the most difficult aspects of working at an international school.  In the past week all teachers have informed the school if they intend to leave in June 2017 and we now begin the long process of searching the world for the best educators to join our community in July.

In the past weeks our team has interviewed candidates currently working in the U.S., Qatar, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Ukraine, and Oman.   It is an exciting process and I enjoy meeting talented, committed educators from every corner of the globe.  During the process each candidate hears the story of EAB, its history and the good work we are doing at our school.  The most enjoyable part of the interviews is telling the candidates about our community.  They hear about the kindness of our students and about how our campus is a safe place for everyone.  They learn how talented EAB teachers are and how hard they work in the service of their students.  During the discussion they understand the importance of the EAB Mission and Vision in our daily work and how we strive to achieve the expectations outlined in the Learner Profile and Honor Code. In the process we are honest about the fact that we do face challenges as a community.  What is important, however, and what I have found resonates with interviewees is the truth that we face those challenges together and that as a community we are committed to continuing the work necessary to make EAB great place for student learning.   It has been my experience that the EAB story is extremely well-received and that people are excited about the prospect of becoming a Bull.  

I have said it again and again since I arrived, but the recruitment process has made it all the more clear to me: this is a great time to be at EAB.  

Have a good week.



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