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EAB Strategic Plan


Enhance capacity to thrive in dynamic environments.
Possible Strategies:

  • Continue to build leadership capacity to maximize effectiveness of the governance, PTO, faculty, staff, and Board.
  • Develop a strategic approach to the recruitment, development and retention of faculty and staff
  • Create sustainable structures to enable students to pursue leadership opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for EAB stakeholders to share their expertise in relation to key issues


Educational Excellence:

Provide a learning experience that maximizes individual potential.
Possible Strategies:

  • Provide a comprehensive learning experience that will leverage students' ability to pursue the post secondary paths of their choice
  • Develop talented educators by providing professional development resources and opportunities to ensure continuous improvement in teaching and learning.
  • Support students, teachers and parents to confidently and effectively utilize learning tools, including information technology, to build learning networks and engage ubiquitously with information
  • Develop a culture that values both academic achievement and EAB's learner profile.


Whole Child:

Support students to pursue passions, expand horizons, and make positive change.
Possible Strategies:

  • Provide opportunities for students and staff to develop intellectual, artistic, physical and emotional balance.
  • Develop a school-wide culture of service and environmental stewardship
  • Provide a wide range of opportunities for risk-taking, discovery, experimentation and exploration to maximize student potential.



Build and maintain strong connections within EAB and beyond.
Possible Strategies:

  • Enhance student learning by developing strategic community partnerships
  • Emphasize community as an integral part of the EAB experience
  • Develop an active alumni program at EAB
  • Establish a stronger connection with Brazilian government and local authorities


Continuous Improvement:

Develop a culture of continuous improvement.
Possible Strategies:

  • Develop a culture where performance data and feedback are used to influence improvement priorities
  • Develop training for staff in evaluation, interpretation, and use of data to determine verifiable improvement in student learning
  • Develop structures to ensure continual focus on enhancement of teaching and learning through research and development
  • Create strategic structures to ensure continued improvement and security in relation to the financial health of the organization.
  • Revise the long- term facilities plan to support innovative learning
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