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Applying early to the USA? Some things to consider.

Early application season is coming up soon! What is the difference between Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision?

Early Decision(ED) is binding and the deadlines usually fall between October 15 and December 1. That means if you are accepted through ED, you are committed to attend that university and withdraw all other applications. You may only apply to one university ED. While some schools accept a large percentage of their students ED, the applicants are usually stronger. For many highly selective colleges, there is not any advantage to applying early.

Early Action (EA) is not binding, so you may apply to as many universities as you want EA. The deadlines for EA are usually about the same as ED. Some schools have Restricted Early Action (REA) programs, so pay attention to the details!

Regular Decision (RD) usually fall between January 1 and can be as late as June. You can apply to as many colleges as you want RD, and this is when the vast majority of students apply.

How do you decide if you want to apply early and if you should apply ED, EA or RD? If you are sure you have found the best fit college for you, you know you can afford it, you meet or exceed the requirements for admission, then go ahead and apply ED. That’s a lot of research to have done by the first quarter of your senior year! If not, you should consider EA or RD.

Have you turned in your Common App form yet?

The Common Application, often called “Common App”, allows students to apply to over 800 colleges and universities in the United States and 20 different countries.

Common Application reduces the amount of work required to apply to multiple schools by collecting the most common information a student will be asked to provide. The information can then be sent automatically to desired schools.

In order for EAB to send your applications to universities that use the Common App through BridgeU, we must have your Common App ID, birthdate, confirmation that you have waived your FERPA rights in Common App by the following deadlines:

  • September 21, 2018 for Early Decision/Early Action applications.

  • October 8, 2018 for Regular Decision applications.

Late submission of this information may jeopardize your applications. To get the Common App information form, please pick up a copy of the EAB 2018-2019 University Application Agreement Packet from me or Ms. Lilian Jabour in the Counselling Office.

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