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College Connection News - September 2018

Welcome to the first College Connection Bulletin!

This is the first edition of the College Connection Bulletin, which will include important information about the process of applying to universities in the parts of the world our students have the most interest in The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Europe. 

Within each of these sections, there will be tips and information about applying, as well as important dates and deadlines for universities in each part of the world. College Connection News includes articles and news about applying to university. There is also information about upcoming events at EAB related to College Counseling, and a section on tests like the SAT that may be important for students’ applications.

The September 2018 edition of The College Connection Bulletin features an article on ways to use EAB’s new university application platform, BridgeU, as well as articles on applying Early in the United States and changing testing requirements at US universities. There are several articles related to financing university studies, as this is often an important consideration for families.

The Bulletin will appear three times this semester and four times next semester, or about once a month. We hope you find this useful and should you have any questions, please feel free to make an appointment with me at, by phone at (61) 3442-9710, or in person.  


Gavin Hornbuckle

High School/College Counselor


EAB has partnered with BridgeU, a new university guidance and application platform, to support the college application process for the class of 2019 and beyond. We have chosen to work with BridgeU because it allows students to research universities in the United States and around the world that best fit their interests and academic profiles. EAB counselors are able to upload and send documents securely to universities using BridgeU, and integration with the Common Application will be available in December. 

The benefits of BridgeU to parents and students include:

  • A unique matching algorithm includes students’ interests, career goals, and ambitions to show chance of acceptance and preference fit with over 100,000 universities and courses/majors in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

  • Tools to prepare and build compelling applications, with advice on writing application essays and personal statements.

  • Access to all their information and required documents in one place.

  • An intuitive, engaging, and fun user interface.

This change was prompted by the decision of our previous university application platform, Naviance, to end service to their clients outside of the United States and Canada.  All students in the class of 2019 have had a BridgeU account created for them and have received a training session with a BridgeU representative.

Using  BridgeU: Shortlisting universities and adding them to your applications list

BridgeU allows EAB to electronically send official supporting documents, such as transcripts and letters of recommendation, directly to universities. All supporting documents must be sent directly from EAB to the university to which the student is applying.In order for EAB to support students’ applications in this way, students must:

  1. Complete the Profile Builder in BridgeU.

  2. Browse their matches - shortlist the interesting ones, discard the ones they’re not interested in.

  3. Add in universities they previously had in mind on the Shortlist page.

  4. Add universities they want to apply to to the “Applications” list by clicking the “Apply Here” button for a university they have shortlisted, and then choosing how they want to apply. 

Using BridgeU: Making a letter of recommendation request:

If the university you are applying to requires a letter of recommendation, make the request through BridgeU using the following instructions.

Step 1: From the menu on the left-hand side of the page in your BridgeU account, click on Recommendations

Step 2: Click on My Progress.

Step 3: Click on New recommendation.

Step 4: Enter the recommender name and email address.

Step 5: Customise the recommendation request message.

Step 6: Click Save to save the recommendation request to preview and send later. If you prefer to send the request immediately, make sure to check the Send now box before clicking Save.

Most universities in the US, and all universities in the UK, require a letter of recommendation from a teacher. As the counselor, I will write a letter of recommendation for US applications. Universities in many other countries do not require letters of recommendation, so please check the website or see me if you have doubts.

As always, if you have any questions about how to use BridgeU, just ask me!

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