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"Great teaching hasn't changed. The toolbox has."

Teaching and Learning:

Will students' increased use of technology at home and school negatively impact their academic performance?

Technology is an incredibly powerful tool for learning. The introduction of the 1:1 program at EAB will ensure that all students have the ability to access information anywhere at any time and gives them the power to create and share original work, collaborate on a global scale and develop the skills and habits necessary to succeed in the information age, thereby ensuring that the 1:1 program at EAB will have a positive impact on student learning. Importantly, the ability to manage the power of technology in order to become critical consumers and producers of digital media is an essential skill. In each classroom the teacher will support students as they learn to manage their laptops in accordance with EAB's Core Values, the Upper School Student Handbook and EAB's Acceptable Use Policy.

When will the laptops be used?

Teachers and students will use laptops when they are the best tool to achieve the learning goals of the class. The Technological Revolution has provided the most powerful tools for learning in the history of humankind. There is literally nothing that cannot be studied with a few strokes on the keyboard. Still, the laptop, Internet and other "smart" devices are only tools that serve an end. At EAB that end is student achievement and growth as measured against the standards and benchmarks for the courses offered in our school.

Safety and Responsibility:

How do we best ensure students remain "cybersafe" in and out of the classroom?

EAB filters content using a worldwide blacklist of sites that include extreme violence, pornography etc. We also integrate lessons on digital citizenship which include how to keep oneself safe in cyberspace. "Cybersafety" should also continue at home with open dialogue and monitoring by parents of what their children are doing online.

How will the school deal with behavioral issues, such as cyberbullying, cheating etc, that happen in the digital world?

All behavior in the Upper School at EAB is guided by the school's Core Values, Discipline Philosophy and Upper School Student Handbook. This extends to cyberspace and consequences for inappropriate online behavior on campus or online behavior off campus that negatively affects the climate of our school will be in line with the guidelines in the Upper School Student Handbook.

Devices and Tech Team Support:

What are the specifications of the laptops to be bought?

The list of 1:1 Laptop requirements can be found by clicking here.

How many devices am I allowed to bring to school?

In addition to the laptop, students are encouraged to bring only one other Internet enabled device such as a smartphone or a tablet. This will allow for fair use of the school's bandwidth.

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