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1:1 Laptop Program


It is undeniable that the Technological Revolution of the past two decades has had a profound impact on virtually every aspect of our lives. We work, access and process information, communicate and spend leisure time in ways unimaginable 30 years ago. In a world of constant change and ubiquitous knowledge, it is imperative that schools provide an education relevant to this century that develops the skills and habits necessary to thrive as healthy, happy members of an interconnected world. Outside school walls, students use portable devices to freely access a digital world that allows them to create, share, collaborate and learn at a moment's notice and on a global scale. This reality must not end at the gates of a school and the same power used to guide daily life needs tp be used to enhance the process of teaching and learning inside the classroom. With this in mind, in November of 2013 the leadership of the Upper School at EAB, with support from the Leadership Team, made the decision to set January 19, 2015 as the day that the campus would become a full 1:1 laptop environment.


The purpose of the Upper School 1:1 Laptop Program at EAB is to further fulfill the mission of the school by helping students "achieve their potential" through high-quality teaching that provides a "differentiated, innovative learning experience" with a "strong foundation of academic excellence" for all students.

Bring Your Own Device:

BYOD is a form of collaboration between home and school where parents ensure that each student has a laptop that meets his or her individual needs and meets the basic requirements of the Upper School at EAB's 1:1 Program. EAB, in turn, will supply high-speed wireless Internet access, technical support for a suite of software and teachers skilled at teaching in the digital age. This model will support improved teaching and learning and will provide students with the skills and habits necessary to become highly effective members of an interconnected world.


Phase I: Pilot Program (August 2014): In August 2014, a small number of teachers began a pilot program of 1:1 in order to identify challenges prior to the launch date of January 19, 2015. During Phase I, clear expectations for basic technology use were set for all teachers. At the same time, teachers worked with the division principal to set specific individual goals for technology integration in their classrooms. Also during Phase I, teachers participated in ongoing professional development. Finally, a 1:1 Transition Team, which includes teachers, administrators, parents and students, met regularly during the semester in order to ensure all constituents were able to voice hopes and concerns about the move to 1:1.

Phase II: Initial Implementation (January 19, 2015): At this point the Upper School at EAB will be a 1:1 laptop environment and all students will be required to have a laptop that meets the minimum requirements with them at all times. During the second phase, the school will conduct ongoing analysis of the program through class observations, student, parent and teacher surveys and anecdotal evidence of the strengths of the program and the challenges yet to be overcome. Teachers will continue to work towards achieving their tech-specific goals and individual and group training will continue as well. This phase will last until the end of the 2014-2015 school year.

Phase III: Full Implementation (August 2015): On the first day of school in August 2015, the 1:1 program will be fully implemented. All teachers in the Upper School will be expected to use technology on a regular basis to enhance instruction, assess student achievement, provide opportunities for collaborative problem solving and differentiate learning. Throughout this phase and beyond, the school will continue to support teachers and provide opportunities for ongoing reflection by all stakeholder groups in the Upper School Community to ensure the 1:1 program is achieving the purpose of improving teaching and learning at EAB.

A visitor to EAB in August 2015 will see a campus transformed with students and teachers using the immense power of the digital age to transform teaching and learning in order to build the mindsets, skills and habits that will lead to success in our global, interconnected society.

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