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Please click on the following links to visit the MS STUCO website or view STUCO Information presentation.

MS STUCO website


Give Middle School students an organized voice to help the Middle School reach shared goals and to assist the greater EAB in striving to achieve its mission


  • Unified communication channel between students and teachers
  • Involvement and development of worthwhile activities that include leadership, service, citizenship, scholarship, and community
  • Reciprocity

Officers and Representatives


As the "seniors" of the Middle School it is imperative that the eighth graders be the leaders of STUCO

Therefore eighth graders will hold the offices of:

  • President
  • Co-President: 7th grade position with same duties as 8th grade – the objective is to prepare 7th graders for greater leadership roles in 8th grade
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The grade 7 and 6: can elect two class representatives from each grade


  • The entire Middle School will vote for officers
  • Specific grade levels will vote for class representatives


  • Calls meetings to order
  • Sets and shares agenda
  • Helps set goals for the MS
  • Plans and most times conducts meetings
  • Helps develop and organize worthwhile activities that include leadership, service, citizenship, and community
  • Works with other officers to reach unified goals
  • Oversees all other officers
  • Is the spokesperson for the student body at the Middle School level
  • Runs some MS assemblies
  • In absence of the president presides over STUCO meetings and tasks
  • Works to keep student body active and involved
  • Assists and Supports the president
  • Takes attendance during meetings
  • Writes minutes during meetings and sends the minutes to all advisors and members of STUCO and NJHS
  • Keeps reports and records
  • Makes copies, posters, letters, and reminders
  • Reports on money matters to the council and to the advisors during every meeting
  • Estimates costs of activities
  • Gives ideas for raising funds
  • Assists in decisions involving funds
  • Handles funds
  • Keeps money records
Grade Representatives
  • The grade's voice in the Council
  • Represents the grade at the Council level
  • Responsible for sharing the concerns and suggestions of the grade level a the Council level
  • Participates and is actively engagd in Council activities
  • Pick up candidacy forms in the MS office
  • Officers: collect 10 signatures from the ENTIRE MS to have candidacy supported
  • Representatives: collect 10 signatures from GRADE LEVEL ONLY to have candidacy supported
  • Turn in candidacy form in the envelope pocket on the MS Principal's office door: August 12th by 3:30p.m.
  • Get approval of speech by August 16 (3:30pm)
  • Be ready to deliver speech on August 19th (MS assembly): speech can only be delivered with pre-approval by MS Principal
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