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Lower School Communications - Distance Learning (SY2020)

Lower School Friday Family Communication - January 15th
January 15, 2021
We welcome you all back to EAB's second semester! The entire teaching community reenergized over the break, and we hope that your family did, too. The teachers’ passion for education was revealed once again as they connected with students during targeted instruction during the first Triple F. Triple F (Face-to-Face Friday) was created to allow for more contact time, and its success will help launch additional steps that the LS would like to implement.
Lower School Friday Family Communication - December 4th
December 4, 2020
We wanted to share the big news this week: Our Face-to-Face trial of physical education class for students has been a success! There were so many happy students and teachers, and it was done with masks on and activities that provided social distancing and minimal contact. The LS looks forward to the week of December 7 as the next rotation of students returns to campus and enjoys their face-to-face P.E. classes.
Lower School Friday Family Communication - November 20th
November 20, 2020
We are so excited to share our last reporting from the accreditors’ visit that finished today. It took many in our community to support this collaboration between parents, students, and a cross-section of staff. At the end of the week, the school has thus far proven itself to be successful in sharing all we are doing, and we look forward to exhibiting further excellence in each of the accreditation’s four domains: Learning, Wellness, Focus and Direction, and Global Citizenship.
Lower School Friday Family Communication - November 13th
November 13, 2020
Brasilia is experiencing her usual seasonal rains, and with that everything is green, a metaphor of a green light, for how the Lower School is moving forward with confidence to the December Break. We have a green light! So, too, do families proceed with confidence for opportunities to be a part of exciting educational and strategic opportunities, like participating in a few CIS Accreditation meetings, becoming a Room Parent Representative, and for submitting a video or photo for EAB's It's a Small World website, which is the way the LS will celebrate the December Holiday Break. Read more about this below.
Lower School Friday Family Communication - November 6th
November 6, 2020
The final grade level came back to the campus, and our community is complete! Home Learning Families are welcome to contact Paola to change to On-Campus Learning; however, this must happen before the new cycle begins. Lower School has just a few students in every grade level who are now in Home Learning.
Lower School Friday Family Communication - October 30th
October 30, 2020
It was an exciting week for everyone as the largest group of students was on campus! Our Lower School Family will be complete when the last two sections return on November 3. We know it will be a short week with Monday, November 2 being All Souls Day (O Dia de Finados) and Friday, November 6 being Fantastic Friday to wrap up the week. These Fridays are absolutely necessary to deep-clean the entire school and for the teachers to prepare their shared classrooms with books and materials customized to welcome another rotation of students back onto the campus. The Lower School Community has entrusted the school to do its best to keep children healthy and safe; the responsibility is taken to heart.
Lower School Friday Family Communication - October 23rd
October 23, 2020
Grade 2 has now returned, and there was so much excitement and joy registered on their masked faces - the eyes tell the story! They were reunited with familiar friends and, in some cases, met their teachers and each other for the first time in person! The slow and safe return of students will continue as EAB's LS welcomes K5, G1, G3, G5 on Monday, October 26. Again, we thank our teachers and the families, and the entire facilities staff for their vigilance, compassion, and dedication.
Lower School Friday Family Communication - October 9th
October 9, 2020
EAB welcomed back most of its youngest learners in K3 and K4 this week. It was an incredible success! Thank you to teachers and families for making this transition so smooth. Of course, the children deserve the most credit, as they filled the ECP Campus with their energy and wonder, and only one who had a short moment of tears. However, the teachers all shed tears of joy at having students back on campus!
Lower School Friday Family Communication - October 2nd
October 2, 2020
You can feel the energy coming from every classroom as the entire school staff, maintenance, technology, and facilities work together to prepare the school for the next step in the blended learning program - the arrival of our amazing students! From arranging for individual desks, covered areas to eat outside and have recess, to individual bins of materials for every student, handwashing and sanitizing protocols, and ventilation. Literally hundreds of details! However, there is so much joy in the air. The teachers are motivated by the prospect of some face-to-face time with their students. Thank you for collaborating with our teachers to give this precious time of preparation!
Lower School Friday Family Communication - Sept 25
September 25, 2020
We hope you all enjoyed a preview of the rainy season here in Brasilia this week! It helped cool things down a bit, beat down the dust, and let the vegetation get a taste of what is to come. So thankful we live in a beautiful location! We hope you can get outside and enjoy this weekend!
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