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Middle School Distance Learning - Week 1

31st July 2020


Boa Tarde Middle School Families, 


Welcome back to the 2020-2021 academic school year at EAB!  I hope that you have had a chance to rest and managed to spend some time with family and friends in these challenging times.

A big welcome to all our new students and their families who are joining our Middle School family, we look forward to welcoming you and getting to know you. We also warmly welcome our new staff members.

Meet EAB Middle School Team - Click on this link

I would like to introduce myself as the Middle School principal at EAB.  I am Adele Gott and I am from New Zealand. I have 29 years of experience in education, 18 of those leading as a principal in many New Zealand Schools. I have been part of a number initiatives aimed at building student and teacher agency to achieve excellence in academic achievement. My goals as a Principal  have always been to provide holistic growth opportunities for children. As a parent, I understand the aspirations of the families and strive to build capabilities in students so that they can be GREAT citizens, who are empowered to live successfully in their personal, school, community and global lives.

I am dedicated and passionate about adding value to the wonderful EAB community. I look forward to working alongside the dedicated Middle School team to maximize student success. 

We look forward to seeing your child on Monday and starting our exciting new academic year. 



Adele Gott

Principal Middle School


To a  smooth transition back to school for your child, please read the following;

  • Here is the LINK for the Middle School Assembly which will be held at 9.30am Monday 3rd August 2020.


  • Your child has been placed in a FLEX group and your FLEX teacher will reach out to you.  Our first FLEX meeting will be held at 9.50am, Monday 3rd August 2020


  • On Tuesday, August 4 from 1:00 - 4:00 we invite you to come and meet your child’s FLEX teacher. This is planned to be an opportunity so your family can know your child’s FLEX teacher and collaborate to identify next steps for your child’s learning and hear‘your stories’ and insights about distance learning. These are 1o minute conversations, please select a time that works best for you. Click on the appointment link here.

To help your child prepare you may wish to think about  the following:


  • Tell me about yourself

  • What learner traits are you good at?  

  • What would like to grow?

  • What would you like me to know about you? Academic, Emotionally, Socially

  • Your aspirations…


  • Your child will be receiving email invites for their classes (including FLEX) by the end of the weekend. 


  • This is the process for receiving your information 

    1. new student login information

    2. Then  we will email your child/children’s Flex Advisor/Teacher

    3. Then we will send the conference invites


  • PACE and CHOICE - we have decided to go slow to ensure everyone has the learning tools required to start their learning journey.  Week 1 & 2, your child’s  timetable will have 6 subjects (Math, Science, PE, Humanities x2, and Portuguese). CHOICE: during the first two days we are asking the children to select their top 4 choices for electives.  Electives will be introduced into the timetable beginning Week 3.


I apologise for such a long letter but I wish to ensure everyone has a smooth transition back to school (Distance Learning).


I look forward to meeting with you all.



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