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Maria Felicia Scholarship for the Arts

Honoring Passion and Talent at EAB 

The Maria Felicia Scholarship for the Arts has been established to assist junior and senior class students at EAB who are passionate about pursuing further education or a career in theater, dance, painting, or any form of visual or literary arts. Through this annual scholarship fund, we aim to honor Maria Felicia's legacy and keep her spirit alive in those who share her passion and talent for the arts.

Each year, deserving students will receive financial assistance to support their artistic endeavors . The Maria Felicia Scholarship will pay school fees and other educational or vocational-related costs for an EAB student. Recipients are chosen through an essay contest and assessed by a committee based on their demonstrated passion, talent, interest, and financial need.


Maria Felicia

Mark and Soneclay Pannell

Parents and Founders of the Scholarship


SY 2023-2024 Edition of the Maria Felicia Scholarship for the Arts


Submission: From April 12 to May 3, 2024
Announcement of winners: by May 10, 2024
Award Ceremony: May 20, 2024, at the HS Awards Ceremony

Committee Members:

Ms. Diana Campre - US and IB Arts Teacher
Ms. Jodie Dodington Lima - US and IB Theatre Teacher
Anna More - EAB Board President
Mark & Soneclay Pannell - Maria Felicia's parents & founders



The application must consist of a 500-word (maximum) essay in English submitted to the voting committee at

The statement should include three key components:

  • A description of how art (visual, music, theater, literary, etc.) has influenced the student's life, showcasing their passion, perspective, and talent.

  • How the student plans to pursue the study of the arts at a college, technical school, university, or art school—or how they intend to pursue a vocation in the arts.

  • An explanation of how the scholarship will support the student's educational or vocational aspirations.


Hear from Isabela Marques:

Our very first scholarship winner!

Meet Prior Years' Recipients


Winner: Madeline Wray 

Runner Up: Anya Gruenewald 

Runner Up: Rafaela Vianna

Runner Up: Maria Luisa Nascimento


Winner: Amanda Miyano 
Runner Ups:  Helena Cruz da Costa Barros,
Rachel Elizabeth Brassanini 


Winner: Elisa Uccello 
Runner-Ups: Kristine Bakker, Zahra Polukhova


Winner: Isabella Marques
Runner-Ups: Chloé Posthuma-Coelho,
Joel Krieghbaum, Madison Holman, 
Samantha Holman


Click below to see some EAB initiatives that raise funds for the Maria Felicia Scholarship for the Arts

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IB Visual Arts Exhibition

Celebration of the Arts

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Rules & Regulations 

  • Only junior and senior class students are eligible to participate.

  • Previous years' runner-ups may participate again. Previous years' winners are not eligible. 

  • The application must consist of a 500-word (maximum) essay in English submitted to voting committee at no later than April 26.

  • Each essay will be assessed by all five collaborators on a scale of 1 to 10 based on the aforementioned three components. The winner and runner up will be determined by the highest total score achieved.

  • Committee Members will collaboratively evaluate the submitted essays. Advancement Department will oversee the scholarship's operations, including vote tabulation.

  • The scholarship recipient will be awarded R$ 25,000, and the runner-up will receive R$ 3,000. EAB will announce the winners by May 10.

  • The awarded funds must be directed to an institution or for purchase of materials chosen by the recipient. Funds cannot be transferred directly to the individual.

  • Deadline to request payment of the scholarship funds will be Sept 30 of the current calendar year. It is possible to submit a request to extend this deadline but a request must be made in writing, include a newly proposed date, and must be approved in advance by the Business Office and Advancement Department.