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Early Childhood

Early Childhood Program | ECP | Kindergarten 3, Kindergarten 4, and Kindergarten 5

A child's first years at EAB establish strong foundational skills for learning that will carry them through their lives. These skills are acquired through a learning approach that is discovery-based. Through discovery-based learning—using authentic materials and natural settings—children explore, identify, take risks, and create meaning as they make choices both indoors and outdoors. 

Intentionally set dynamic environments allow children to practice important skills for their well-being such as collaboration, conflict resolution, and empathy. This gives them space to make and fix mistakes while learning to respect themselves and other community members. Throughout their learning journey, children acquire richer language skills and build friendships through the caring presence of teachers who support them to develop confidence and autonomy.


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If you are not presently part of our community, we gladly hope you will consider joining the EAB Family! Please take some time to read our Student Handbook for more detailed information.