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High School

Grades 9 through 12

The High School at EAB is a community bound by shared values. Though we are a diverse community that represents over 40 nationalities and myriad religions, races, cultures, and belief systems, we are brought together by fundamental beliefs about how we learn, how we treat each other, and how we engage the world. We believe that every person deserves decency and respect, that all of us can learn, and that we are stronger together than apart. We believe in the power of collaboration and take the responsibility to serve our learning community seriously. We are a transient community, but we strive to improve every day and have faith that the school will be better when we leave than it was when we arrived.

These values are encapsulated not only in EAB's Mission and Vision, but also in the Student Rights, and Upper School Honor Code. We have worked hard as a community to develop the values that make EAB a special place to learn and each day we strive to live and uphold those values in all we say and do.


The last years of school are decisive in the formation of our global citizens, who leave EAB ready for any challenge in life.



All EAB students enroll in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program and are expected to meet the demands of at least four IB standard-level (SL) courses in order to successfully complete our grade 11–12 program. Students are encouraged to attempt the full diploma. EAB offers a total of 16 IB subjects at higher and/or standard level across all six subject areas.



Do you want to know more about the life of an EAB student? Please read our Student Handbook.



EAB provides a rigorous college-preparatory program. Learn more about it in our Course Description Handbook.