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How does EAB treat students coming from schools that have a different academic year, such as those in the Southern Hemisphere?

A student coming from Australia, for example, will complete a grade/year level in December. If that student applies for EAB second semester admission in January, then he/she will usually enter the second semester at EAB of the academic year just completed in Australia. A student is not normally promoted to the second semester of a given grade level without completing the first semester of that grade level.

When will applications no longer be processed for a given school year?

In the Middle or High Schools, or when a support program such as EAL is full, then an application for admission into that grade level or program can be lodged but will not be processed until space is available. The application process draws to a close toward the end of a semester, which is usually at the end of May and November. At that time, those applicants in the Wait Pool are asked if they would like to have their applications updated for the following school year.

Category III applications will not be processed after after April 15; therefore, applying early is essential.

When should I submit an application for admission?

Make initial contact with the Admissions Office as soon as you think that a move to Brasilia or EAB may be in your future; no need to have secure plans in place to make an initial inquiry. It is always best to begin the admissions process as early as possible

Do I need to have all my application documents submitted?

An application file is incomplete and will not be evaluated until all supporting documents have been received by EAB Admissions Office.

What ID documents are needed to apply for admission?

All foreign applicants must submit a copy of their passport and parent or guardian's passports and CPF numbers. If applicant is Brazilian, a birth certificate or Registro Geral (RG) Identification card as well the applicant's parents RG Identification cards and Cadastro de Pessoa Física (CPF) numbers.

Do you have a cut off date? How flexible are you?

The cut off date at the American School of Brasília is September 1st. We are not able to make exceptions as each school in Brasil is bound by the legislation that states that a cut off date must be determined and followed. Students must be three years of age for K-3, four years of age for K4, five years of age for K5, and six years of age for Grade 1 by September 1st of the current year. No exceptions can be made.


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