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How to Apply

Here we will show you five simple steps to apply to EAB:

Step 1 - Visit our school

If you are in Brasilia and wish to experience firsthand the learning environment at EAB, please send an email to or call (61) 3442-9706 to schedule a visit.

Step 2 - Submit online application(s) and required documentation
Please review required documentation and create your application on this page, according to your child's grade level.
Step 3 - Testing

Once the complete application is submitted, the Admissions Office will contact each family to schedule testing when required. If there are no vacancies available, testing may be scheduled for a later date and your application will be placed in the waiting pool directly.

Early Childhood Screening

Students in K3, K4 and K5 (between the ages 3 to 5) must be screened before starting school and confirming admission. If you are coming from abroad, you will receive a Letter of Offer that is conditional on the passing of a screening process. Should you arrive in Brasilia with less than five working days to the start of a semester, your admission decision may be delayed until after classes have already begun. If you require any testing, it is recommended that you arrive at least five working days prior to the start of a semester. Early Childhood students are also required to be completely toilet trained before starting school at EAB.


Mathematics Testing

All students applying for Grade 6 through 12, must take a Mathematics Placement Test. For International applicants, this test can be taken from the student’s current school under approved condition,. If the student has not taken the test prior to arrival in Brasilia, it will be scheduled for his/her first visit to EAB, but this will delay an Admissions decision until after test is corrected and the admissions committee is able to review all the information.  

Please contact the Admissions Office to arrange for a student to take this prior to arrival in Brasilia. We require that students provide us with their current Counselor’s name and email to arrange Admissions Distance Testing for Mathematics.


English Testing

Students applying for Grade 5 through 12, that are non-native English speakers are required to take the English language test, WIDA.



There is no minimum WIDA Model score required by admissions for grades K3-grade 4. The standard expected for a student entering Grade 5 is level 2.0.


Middle School (Grades 6 to 8) /High School (Grades 9 to 12)

In the Middle School at least a level 3.0 on the WIDA scale is strictly required for entry into EAB. This minimum requirement is a cut off that must be met to continue in the admissions process. A level 4.0 is stricrly required for High Schooladmission, and a 5.0 for entering the IB program in 11th and 12th grades in order to support student success.

We believe that entering at these levels, with the appropriate monitoring/support are the minimum requirements for a student to have a successful academic, social, and emotional adjustment into an English language –based school environment.

Step 4 - Admissions Evaluation

Applications for admission will not be processed until the Admissions Office has received all necessary documents as outlined in the Application Requirements section and until all testing is complete. While school is in session, the expected process time for initial evaluation is 7 working days. When school is not in session, the expected process time for initial evaluation is 10 working days. These times may be extended if additional evaluation, or further information is required. The Admissions Review Team for each division, Lower and Upper School, convene and make a decision on each applicant.

Step 5 - Notification

Once the Admissions Review Team has submitted a response regarding your child’s application.

One of the following responses will be given:



If your child meets all Admissions criteria, and has been awarded a position at EAB, you will notified via and receive a Letter of Offer from the Director of Admissions and can begin to anticipate a positive transition into the EAB Community. You must respond to this email by submitting an email response stating you have accepted the offer of vacancy within 10 days.


Wait Pool

If an applicant meets the admission requirements but is applying for enrollment in a grade level or program that is full, then that applicant will be placed in the wait pool for that particular school year or until a position becomes available. An applicant’s position in the wait pool may change if there are subsequent applications from families based on all the factors considered for an admissions decision. EAB is unable to inform parents of their position in the waiting pool.  



An applicant may be denied admission when a student does not meet our EAB eligibility requirements.


Further Information Required

If it is determined that there is insufficient evidence to make a firm accept/deny decision, you will receive written notification from the Admissions Office outlining the additional information required as well as an expected timeline for the process. This may involve additional reports to be submitted, recommendation letters, interviews or evaluation with our school specialists, or contact with the students’ current school.



If it is determined that space will not be available during the requested school year, parents will be notified.. If a candidate is interested in applying for the following year, the application form must be updated and re-submitted.  

If you have questions, please contact our Admissions Office at

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