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Development Officer (Half-time)

EAB Envision program mission statement:

"Envision EAB is a community building

program that aims to create a culture

of giving throughout EAB to enhance

medium- and long-term projects that

support all of our learners!" 

The Development Officer plays an important role in non-profit and educational organizations. They ensure the development and success of an organization by instilling a culture of giving, coordinating fund development, contributing to strategic planning, and addressing development issues within the organization.


  • Create a culture of giving guided by EAB’s mission and vision

  • Work with the Leadership Team, Envision Committee and Board of Directors to facilitate medium and long-term strategic plans.

  • Manage the operations development function efficiently, and oversee development activities in coordination with staff.

  • Establish performance measures and monitor results.

  • Help to identify, and motivate fundraising advocates.

  • Encourage a sense of community throughout EAB’s international constituency that reaches from students, their families, staff, faculty, and alumni.

  • Liaise with Envision EAB board committee, the Advancement department, Leadership Team and school-wide in general

  • Maintain parent and alumni database and track pledges/donations

  • Other duties as required to support learning at EAB.


  • Develop and implement a strategic fundraising plan based on the development cycle of identification, cultivation, asking and stewardship

  • Work with the Advancement Director to craft messaging and fundraising materials

  • Collaborate with the Envision EAB committee and leadership team to direct fundraising.


  • Connect with alumni and encourage them to connect with each other through social media and in-person social events like the upcoming 2020 all-school reunion

  • Write and research for the monthly newsletter

  • update and monitor social media


  • Social affability and ease of speaking both English and Portuguese

  • Experience working in an international setting

  • A self-starter that also works well collaboratively

  • Effective communication skills: written, oral and spoken

English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher

Reports to: Division Principal


Minimum of two years teaching experience with ELLs.  Experience with WIDA assessment and co-teaching. Preferred – Endorsement or advanced certificate in TESOL.

Case Managing:

  1. Act as case manager/advocate and participate in Student Support Team (SST) meetings for all ELL students on caseload.

  2. Conduct exit meetings for students who meet EAB’s ELL exit criteria.

  3. Develop a schedule for all support services required to meet the learning needs of ELLs on the caseload.

Note: At EAB, our goal is to support ELLs in Content Areas.  ELL teachers should not push-in to reading or take guided reading groups, unless working on a particular strategy.  

Assessment and Monitoring:

  1. Annually assess all ELLs on caseload using the WIDA Model Assessment. Communicate results with classroom teachers and students’ families.
  2. Using the WIDA Speaking and Writing rubric, assess students’ work at least once per quarter to ensure on-going progress monitoring.  Provide feedback to students and teachers regarding English language proficiency.
  3. Consult with the classroom teacher to provide feedback for reporting on semester reports and biannual family conferences.
  4. Create language accommodations for classroom assessments.  
  5. Record all data according to EAB’s Language Policy.

Co-teaching and Co-planning:

  1. Co-plan with regular classroom teacher creating language objectives, scaffolded activities and differentiated opportunities for input, intake and output.
  2. Co-teach with the regular classroom teacher using a variety of co-teaching models.
  3. Respond to teacher questions when specific advice is sought.
  4. Quasi-coach regular classroom teachers on best practices for ELLs.

Student Support:

  1. Daily plan and lead a maximum of one, 45 minute pull-out group (for up to one year) that builds essential academic vocabulary related to current units of study where appropriate.
  2. Provide accommodations for in class assignments adjusting the input, intake or output tasks.  
  3. Lead small groups focused around language learning targets.
  4. Confer individually with students around language learning needs.
  5. Support development of Tier 2 academic vocabulary.


Minimum Qualifications for Teachers

  • BA/BS Degree in area of concentration
  • Two years of teaching experience
  • Current teacher certification for the teaching position
  • English Fluency 

EAB Teacher Profile
EAB Learner Profile

The American School of Brasilia (EAB) is seeking dedicated, professional teachers to join the EAB community. Ideal candidates are those who are energetic, caring teachers, who are committed to educational excellence and enjoy working as members of an instructional team in a climate of shared decision-making. In addition to a competitive compensation package, the American School of Brasilia offers:

  • A supportive Administration and Board of Directors
  • A multi-national student body with parents who value education and appreciate the work of teachers
  • A comprehensive staff orientation and Portuguese language acquisition program
  • A commitment to professional development and curriculum renewal
  • A city that, by any comparison, is clean, safe, with minimal pollution and traffic concerns
  • A year-round climate that is ideal for outdoor activities
  • A rich and varied Brazilian culture with the friendliest people imaginable

Contact & Social Media Information

Facebook: EAB


Information About Brasilia

Explore enchanting Brasilia

Brasilia 360º

About Brasilia

EAB Core Documents

Our Mission:

Learners inspiring learners to be inquisitive in life, principled in character, and bold in vision.

Our Vision:

To positively impact the world through excellence in academics, activities, arts, leadership, and service.

Our Beliefs:

All EAB Learners are:

  • Engaged in their own learning,
  • Principled in their learning and actions,
  • Collaborative to enhance learning for all,
  • Contributing positively to their learning community.
Our School:

We are a diverse community that provides an English-language based pre-K through Grade 12 education. We are an International Baccalaureate World School with U.S. and Brazilian accreditation.

Applicants are asked to send one PDF file in English, which includes a letter of interest and a resume, to:
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