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EAB counselors believe in strongly developing and supporting the whole child in achieving their maximum potential in a culturally diverse atmosphere central to the success of the school’s overall mission.

Counselors as members of the student support teamwork in partnership with teachers, parents, and other community professionals to best meet students’ different learning styles.


As a comprehensive international model counseling program, we strive to support the students’ academic, career, personal/social, and global development by designing and implementing preventive individual, small-group, and classroom guidance lessons as needed.

In addition, we provide developmentally sensitive counseling strategies for different age groups including but are not limited to assemblies, guest speakers, and student and/or parent workshops.

Short-term, educationally-based counseling is currently offered (ie: six to eight sessions) at EAB by EAB counselors. Students are referred to outside agencies if their needs extend beyond these sessions. However, external support is nearly entirely in Portuguese in Brasilia, therefore, international students may have difficulty receiving support in their native language.

Student Success Plans are created for students when the Student Support Team determines that their needs can be met by EAB faculty.



EAB is a testing center for the SAT. Our test center code is 84515. Below are the administrations that are open to students from all around Brazil:

SAT Test date: Registration Deadline:
November 4 October 20
December 2 November 17
March 9 February 27
May 4 April 23