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Lower School News

Maracuj√° Project 2024
Beth Overby | Lower School Principal

At EAB, we believe in nurturing the individual passions and interests of our students, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility in their learning journey. This is the heart of personalized learning, and there is no better place to see this in action than in Lower School's innovative passion projects that take place in Grade 5 and Grade 4. 

Maracuja and Maracujinha, as we affectionately call these projects, are dynamic opportunities for our students to dig deeply into areas that truly ignite their curiosity and motivate them to apply new knowledge in creative and meaningful ways. The ultimate purpose of Maracuja is to empower students to inquire into their individual interests and passions by intentionally teaching them skills for research, critical thinking, creative thinking, self-management, and personal reflection. 

This year's Grade 5 Maracuja integrates the concept of Citizenship, allowing students to investigate global citizenship and contribute to their local community. Examples of projects include advocating for women's rights through songwriting, developing sustainable recipes using the science of baking, and mentoring peers on how sports participation can enhance academic performance. 

Grade 4 students engage in Maracujinha, a more structured process that prepares them for the Grade 5 Maracuja. This year, students are exploring various topics on the concept of Exploration, such as the historical failures of Bonaparte and the popularity of rock and roll, with plans to start a Lower School rock band.

As the Lower School principal, I am continually inspired by the students' enthusiasm and dedication, which underscores the importance of passion-driven learning. Through these projects, our students are not only exploring their interests but also learning to be responsible, compassionate, and ready to make a positive impact in the world.