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Lower School News

G5 Trip: Praia do Forte
Angela Collins | Lower School Assistant Principal

Last week, our G5 students and teachers embarked on a trip to Praia do Forte with RELP Turismo. On Tuesday, 12 March at 6am, students were wide-eyed as we gathered at the airport. They said their goodbyes to their families as we started on what would be, for many, their first overnight trip away from their parents. 

Before the trip, G5 students learned about sea turtles and ecosystems in their homeroom classes, and about the history of Brazil and the first Portuguese building in Portuguese and PLL classes. Students used their knowledge throughout the trip to answer and ask questions and share insights during visits to Projeto Tamar, Sapiranga, and Castelo Garcia D'Ávila.

This year, students participated in the Biologist for a Day program at Projeto Tamar. This program allowed early access to Projeto Tamar before it opened to the public. During this time, we were able to feed, touch, and interact with the sea turtles and other animals that were present (sharks, eeek!).  Everyone that attended the trip this year was lucky enough to witness turtles hatching from their nest and start their journey into the ocean. What a memorable experience!  

The students spent time hiking, canoeing, and zip lining at Sapiranga, with one group having the experience of ziplining in the rain. At Castelo Garcia D'Ávila, students explored artifacts and toured the ruins that still stand today. Each day of the trip, some students had the opportunity to swim in the warm waters of Bahia. 

While this trip was backed with educational connections from the classroom, the social-emotional aspects embedded in the trip were equally significant. Students practiced their self-awareness and self-management skills; taking charge of getting prepared and ensuring they had everything they needed for each activity. Social awareness and relationship skills were also practiced as students interacted with others, respected others, and upheld our BULLS traits throughout the trip. Students exercised their relationship skills each day, making new connections, communicating with their roommates, and being engaged during daily activities.

This trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our G5 students, fostering their independence in just a few days. EAB's G5 Praia do Forte trip is a great stepping stone for students as they prepare to enter Middle School and take part in the MS Week Without Walls Trips.