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A Community of Lasting Impact
David Bair | High School Principal

Last weekend, the High School Student Council (above) held a homecoming dance - the Snowball - that brought students in grades 9–12 together for a night of music, food, fun, and camaraderie.  It was an exceptional event filled with joy and vibrancy that will not soon be forgotten. We believe it was the first homecoming in EAB's illustrious history. It won't be the last. Through their vision and hard work, StuCo began a tradition last Saturday that will last well beyond the current student-leaders' time at our school. It is their legacy and their gift to all future generations of EAB students. 
Earlier in the semester, each HS grade level took a day trip to explore one of the many beautiful locations around Brasilia.  Kids rappelled from great heights, scaled rocks, swam in rivers, and jumped off cliffs into ice-cold water. Through these activities, they learned about themselves and their limits. Many surprised themselves and were more courageous and adventurous than they thought possible.  Equally as important, the kids bonded with each other and became more cohesive grade-level communities because of the experience.  

This weekend, the boys' and girls' basketball teams will compete against schools from São Paulo and Rio in a gym packed with fans during the EAB Bulls Invitational Tournament.  It will be an unforgettable experience for the players on the floor.  Sports have tremendous power to bring communities together, and for those in the stands, the tournament will give us a chance to show pride in our school, our teams, and in being a Bull.  
Books on leadership are full of stories of organizations, be it a school, team, or workplace, that leaves an indelible mark on the lives of their members and forever remain a standard of excellence by which other communities are measured.  A lucky few of us have been part of such a group. I call these organizations "communities of lasting impact" because they develop the relationships, foster the learning, and provide the experiences that have far-reaching positive consequences for their members, as they know they are part of something unique and bigger than themselves.  This is how we want everyone at EAB to feel about our school and what the EAB Faculty and Staff strive each day to achieve. 
Combined with the outstanding work each day in the classrooms, on the fields, and in the gyms of EAB, events such as Homecoming 2022, the HS Trips, and the Bulls Invitational Tournament elevate our school, make it more than simply a place of learning, and move us closer to being a community of lasting impact that will forever be remembered by our students, parents, staff, and faculty for its excellence.  
On behalf of the entire EAB Leadership Team, Faculty, and Staff, I thank you for being a part of our journey. 
Kind regards,

David Bair
High School Principal