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Angst: a documentary to raise awareness around anxiety
Karen Teters | Wellness Coordinator

Join us on Thursday, March 23rd, at 8:15am in the Auditorium to watch the movie "Angst" and participate in a discussion. The movie is available with Portuguese subtitles.

Last October this movie was shown to all Upper School students, with follow up discussions in Flex.

Angst raises awareness and opens up the conversation about anxiety, helping people understand and manage their symptoms and learn when and how to ask for help.

This hopeful and inspiring film has helped over 2 million people worldwide —working to de-stigmatize and normalize talking about mental health. The core goals are to help people recognize the symptoms, give them coping tools, and encourage them to reach out for support when they need it.

Angst interweaves compelling personal stories from educators, youth and families with expert perspectives and brain science from mental health professionals, diversity and inclusion experts, and educators.

We would like to give another opportunity for the EAB community to view the film and continue the dialogue with their children regarding anxiety.