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David Bair | High School Principal

As the High School Principal, I write a lot.  In my weekly note to the High School Faculty alone, I have written 38,339 words this year.  As High School Principal, I speak a lot. There are assemblies, meetings, random conversations, and spontaneous collaboration each week.  

Though it can differ slightly based on the people and year, of all the words I speak and write, one sentence is by far my favorite: 

EAB Head of School, Mrs. Grace McCallum, Director of the Brazilian Department, Ms. Denise Turati, and High School Dean of Academics, Dr. Maria Sieve, it is my great honor to announce that all students from the Class of 2023 have met the requirements to receive the High School Diploma from The American School of Brasilia. 

Last Saturday night, I had the privilege of saying those words to the EAB Class of 2023.  It was a beautiful ceremony that perfectly captured the warmth and sense of community that is the hallmark of the American School of Brasilia.  

Each year, I end my speech to the graduates with the following:  

And now you leave the halls of The American School of Brasilia.  You are ready.  What's more, I speak on behalf of the entire High School Faculty when I say that we are proud of you, proud of who you are, proud of what you have accomplished, and thankful that we got to share this important time in your lives with you.  

And as you now strike out to make your way in the world, we hope for you happiness.  We hope for you love. We hope for you peace and joy.  We hope for you passion and purpose.  We hope you accomplish your heart's desire.  We hope you find the courage within yourself to be kind and the strength to be persistent. Finally, we hope - we believe - you will continue to represent this school well and that throughout your lives, you will leave each place you touch a bit better for your having been there.  

The Class of 2023 is a wonderful group of young people who have endured much hardship in their high school years. Through it all, they have maintained the warmth and kindness that defines their class and our school. They are great EAB Kids who make us proud, now and forever.  Congratulations, Class of 2023, and Godspeed.