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Differentiaton at EAB
Rebekah Adamek | Middle School Principal

At EAB, we believe in providing students with high-quality instruction that is differentiated to meet the needs of diverse learners. Differentiated instruction can take many forms, including how content is taught, how learning is observed or evaluated, student choice of what is learned, or the learning environment. 

As a school, we continue to grow, share, and expand on our differentiation practices to ensure that we meet the needs of diverse learners. Teachers meet collaboratively to plan in content teams or grade-level teams and share best practices weekly during professional development learning sessions. When visiting any EAB classroom, you might see student groups working together on a project by themselves or with a teacher, students choosing their own book club books based on interest, or using different tools such as technology, paper & pencil, or whiteboard markers to show their thinking. These are just some ways that instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of diverse learners. 

In addition to teachers planning differentiated instruction at EAB, we work to ensure that students are also given opportunities to reflect on what works best for their learning. Students throughout all school divisions participate in student-led conferences, which focus on students answering questions such as "What do I need to support my learning?" or "How do I learn best?" so students can become their own advocates to identify their learning needs now and as they continue their journey as lifelong learners.