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EAB's World Fest
Margit Heinrichs and Angela Collins | Lower School Principal and Assistant Principal

A global citizen at EAB engages INQUISITIVELY and COMPASSIONATELY with our local and global communities, treats all of humanity with DIGNITY, and collaborates with others to make our planet more PEACEFUL, SUSTAINABLE, and EQUITABLE

With this definition in mind, we celebrate World Fest at EAB. We celebrate the many nations represented in our community, the different cultures, languages, customs, continents, and so much more. Learning about world geography and how connected we can all be despite our country of birth helps us to understand and to appreciate diversity at our school. 

The theme for this year's World Fest is Global Citizenship,  the idea that we are all citizens of the world and have a responsibility to care for and respect one another, regardless of where we are from and where we live.  

Reflecting on this past week, lower school students had a very special time leading up to the celebration on Saturday. On Tuesday, students dressed in Brazil's colors. On Wednesday, in the colors of the USA, on Thursday, students dressed in their country's traditional dress. And on Friday, in the colors of the countries they've been learning about. Some classes had special guest speakers, others learned special songs and dances, some were introduced to origami, and still, others made beautiful artifacts representing specific countries. On Friday, as part of the school day, students and teachers traveled around the world and learned interesting facts about the countries they visited. 

Each student was given a passport, and every time they visited a country, the class immigration officer stamped the passport. It is important to say that students were given the opportunity to choose the countries they wanted to visit. It was a joy to see them travel from one country to another and to get excited about it. 

Students learned that being a global citizen means being aware of and caring about the world around us. It means understanding that we are all connected and that our actions can impact people and places far away from us. Celebrating different cultures, languages, and customs is a big part of being a global citizen at EAB. 

In conclusion, being a global citizen at EAB means celebrating and respecting our local and global communities. By learning about and appreciating the differences between us, we can create a more peaceful and understanding world.