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Learning Spaces at EAB
Angela Collins | Lower School Assistant Principal

At EAB, learning spaces play a vital role in our students' learning journeys. When you walk into any classroom, you see a well-designed learning space that is inviting and promotes collaboration among our students. 

Learning spaces at EAB are created with our mission in mind. 

Learners Inspiring Learners

"Learners Inspiring Learners" can be witnessed around EAB at every school level. Our community prides itself on being lifelong learners and learning from each other. 

Within our learning spaces, many of our classrooms are filled with tables of different shapes and sizes. These tables easily fit together to form collaboration groups. Collaboration groups increase communication and interpersonal learning between students by encouraging organic discussion and natural teamwork. 


Inquisitive in Life

At EAB, teachers use a variety of components in our learning spaces to encourage inquisitiveness. The walls of our classrooms aren’t seen just as simple dividers between rooms, but they are a purposeful part of the learning space. Learning walls are used to display student work, wonderings, and concepts relevant to what is being taught.

These learning walls not only reinforce learning but prompt curiosity and questions from students in the class and any person that may be visiting. Some classrooms have a “Wall of Wonderings.” Students are encouraged to ponder their current unit of study or any other topic of interest. This helps to add student agency to lessons and promotes students’ inquisitiveness. 


Principled in Character

A focus for all learning spaces at EAB is for students, teachers, and the whole EAB community to feel comfortable and a sense of belonging. This ties into being Principled in Character. 

In every lower school classroom, there is a whole class meeting spot. These meeting spots are adorned with a rug, comfortable pillows, and alternate seating options. The community area is not just for delivering lessons but used during morning meetings, closing circles, and collaborative work.


Bold in Vision

Finally, learning spaces at EAB are BOLD IN VISION! 

One specific example this year is what we’ve done with creating a Lower School Maker Space. Students are provided with a learning space that encourages them to think creatively, use their imagination, and creatively express themselves. Students are encouraged to problem-solve and think outside the box through design challenges, like building a bridge, designing a boat, etc.