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Learning Walks
Andrew Jones | Director of Teaching & Learning

I know it might sound a bit odd, but Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week. That's because Tuesdays at EAB are Learning Walk days, when I spend part of my day with teachers as we walk into classrooms and explore learning at EAB. We visit classrooms all throughout the school, from our youngest to oldest learners, with everyone in between. As part of our Strategic Plan's focus on Academic Excellence, when we're in classrooms, we ask students three key questions: 

  1. What are you learning? 
  2. Why are you learning this? 
  3. How will learning this help you learn other things? 

The first question aims to see how well students understand the clarity of purpose of their learning. The second question gets to the heart of the authentic learning that occurs when students are able to articulate the "why" behind their learning. The third question focuses on transfer learning and how students can take what they're learning in one situation and apply it to others–either in or out of the classroom. 

As we walk and explore learning at EAB, it's exciting to see how students in our classrooms are preparing to become independent, critical learners ready for the real world. When we ask students these questions, it's incredible the wide range of answers we get, as students tell us how important their learning is to help them understand the real world and be able to impact it positively. And then there's my personal favorite answer to the question, "Why are you learning this?" I can't count the number of times I've been told, "I'm learning this because it's fun!" 

At its core, that's what learning is all about.