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Little 8 Futsal & Volleyball from May 7-13
John Powell | Director of Activities & Athletics

JV teams represent at Little 8 Futsal & Volleyball from May 7-13

The Little 8 is currently finishing up this weekend! Girls Futsal & Boys Volleyball were the first half of the tournament. Our Girls Futsal team advanced to the semifinals and made it to the 3rd place game! Their grit and teamplay were motivating to watch! Our Boys Volleyball did not advance out of the group and learned many lessons throughout the tournament. We are currently competing in Girls Volleyball and Boys Futsal! We are proud of our teams!

The objective of the Little 8 tournament is designed to provide student-athletes with the opportunity to engage in healthy competition in various sports in an effort to improve attitudes towards fair play and friendship. Participation and sportsmanship are to be held in the highest regard. All schools and individual teams are encouraged to provide an active learning experience for all participants.

Our young group of Bulls has learned from both wins and losses throughout this week. See below the results from each group thus far. A special shoutout goes to our Sportsmanship Fair Play winners who accumulated the most Green Cards throughout the tournament! The Green Card is a recognition given by the opposing team's captain at the end of each contest. It is, without a doubt, an important award in our educational athletics programs as it is centered on the values of Sportsmanship!

The Little 8 is being Live Streamed by NR, so tune in here for more action! If you want even MORE information on the tournament, please feel free to check our Game Schedule and Standings (click here)!

JV Girls Futsal schedule
May 8 vs EAC - draw 0-0
May 8 vs ST. PAULS - won 4-1
May 9 vs CHAPEL - loss 2-0
May 9 vs EARJ - Semi-Final - loss 11-0
May 10 vs CHAPEL - 3rd place game - loss 2-1

Isabela de Sousa - Sportsmanship Fair Play Winner!


JV Boys Volleyball schedule
May 8 vs EARJ - loss 2-0
May 8 vs CHAPEL - loss 2-0
May 9 vs BRITISH - loss 2-0

Itai Gamburg - Sportsmanship Fair Play Winner!


JV Girls Volleyball schedule
May 11 vs EAC @ 11:00
May 11 vs CHAPEL @ 17:00
May 12 vs ST. PAULS @ 8:00
- Playoffs on May 11 & May 12 based on results

JV Boys Futsal schedule
May 11 vs PACA, 2-2 draw 
May 11 vs CHAPEL @ 15:30
May 12 vs BRITISH @ 12:30
- Playoffs on May 11 & May 12 based on results

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