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Sábado Legal: Wellness Day
Victor Santos

What thoughts, feelings, or images come to mind when you say the word 'Wellness'? 

There are many aspects to wellness. When we restrict wellness to physical well-being, other areas of our lives can lack balance. Wellness also includes having authentic social connections, a willingness to step outside our comfort zone, showing gratitude and kindness to others, and spending meaningful time with family and friends.

This past Saturday, EAB held our Wellness Sábado Legal, where families came together to enjoy many aspects of wellness. Some chose to participate in a quiet time engaging in Yoga. Children decorated rocks with messages of gratitude. Many took time to make a refreshingly healthy smoothie and Trail Mix snack. In the lower school area, others stretched their boundaries by testing their skills on the rock wall. At the same time, competitive soccer games were played on the main field with a mix of parents and children. On the field's sidelines, families got to know each other while watching the game and cheering for each goal made. 

In reflecting on the day, all the elements of Wellness were the result of people taking time for themselves and their families. Whether you attended the event or not, be sure to find time for your own personal wellness as you go through your week.