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The 5 Pillars of Athletics: Growth and end of year message
John Powell | Activities & Athletics Director

Hello Bulls Community! 

We have ended our year in Athletics with the finishing of our leagues, tournaments, LS Athletics Demonstration Days, and the Athletics Awards Gala! The focus of this article is our pillar of Growth

As a reminder, at EAB there are 5 pillars - Academics, Activities, Arts, Leadership, and Service.  Athletics is in the pillar of Activities and within this pillar, Athletics has pillars! The 5 pillars above are the foundation to our EAB Athletics program.

Throughout the year, I have written an article for this Friday bulletin on Safety (September), Communication (January), Responsibility (February), Sportsmanship (April) and this article will conclude the reflection on our 5 Pillars!

To begin, we have grown this year in EAB Athletics throughout the year! Not only in skill development, game tactics, social connections, but in actual participation numbers! This is because our student body is eager to play the sports they love, learn something new, or represent the Bulls on a national level! We had over 177 total competitions, we played 122 competitions in 2021-22! Thats 55 more contests that the Bulls represented our community!

For sport specific breakdowns, we played in the Distrito Federal Basketball Federation against clubs, competed in four Little 8s, four Big 8s, hosted a Bulls Basketball Invitational, created Liga Brasilia for Soccer, Volleyball, and Futsal, competed in two Cross Country events, qualified for the first ever AASB Final Four in Varsity Girls Basketball AND grew the program to over 24 teams with 208 student participants in the 1st semester (38 more than 1st semester 2021-22) and 174 student participants in the 2nd semester (14 more than 2nd semester 2021-22)! This was an accomplishment that cannot be done with the buy-in from our student-athletes and dedication from our coaches!

The Student-Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) grew tremendously in numbers to 20+ students, events offered to the student body like the Game of the Week every Friday, participation in World Fest, leading High School Field Day, and growing the overall morale of our athletics program!

Without a doubt, there are still areas to grow in EAB Athletics! We will continue our learnings and implement new ways to educate our students, coaches, and teams.  For next school year starting in August, prior to any tryout, a way we will grow is having all interested students in athletics from grades 6-12 complete the NFHS online training of Hazing Prevention for Students. It is important that all students feel safe in our community. This will be a step forward in our educational athletics program and will prepare our students to act if ever put in a situation such as hazing. 

Other areas of advancement saw our Lower School Athletics teams of grade 4-5 soccer play in the Nations Cup in March along with our grade 4-5 basketball players participating in a basketball festival at Marista! We won't stop there for the Lower School Athletics program in 2023-24 so stay tuned!

Growth is a pillar we value in athletics. There will always be growth regardless of the result of the contest. Yes, it feels good to win. But, it can also feel good to lose through challenging yourself to be better. And in EAB Athletics, that is what growth is all about! 

Thank you for reading the Friday Bulletin articles throughout the year! Taking these 5 pillars in EAB Athletics and expanding the conversation is the next step to reinforce our pillars to strength the Bulls!

For the upcoming school year, please be sure to take note in our important dates below for Activities & Athletics!

  • Monday, July 24 - Varsity & JV 1st semester sign ups open
  • Friday, August 04 - Varsity & JV 1st semester sign ups close at 8:00pm
  • August 7 & 8 - Tryouts begin for Varsity & JV teams
  • Wednesday, August 9 - Club EAB & LS Athletics Guide Released for Semester 1
  • Thursday, August 10 - Athletics Parent Night
  • Thursday, August 10 - HS Activities Fair
  • Friday, August 11- Varsity & JV 1st semester sign ups close at 8:00pm
  • Friday, August 11 - MS Activities Fair
  • Monday, August 14 - Club EAB & LS Athletics Sign Ups open at 6:30PM
  • Wednesday, August 16 - Club EAB Sign Ups close at 12:00pm
  • August 16 & 17 - Tryouts conclude for Varsity & JV teams
  • Friday, August 18 - confirmation of enrolment in Club EAB & LS Athletics by 1pm
    • Based on enrolment, there may be the need to start a Waiting List for over-subscribed activities.
    • Monday, August 21 - Club EAB & LS Athletics begin
  • August 21 & 22 - Varsity & JV Athletics Begins practices
  • September 14-17 -  Field trip - TBSRJMUN (The British School of RJ MUN) (MUN Field Trip)
  • Saturday September 16 -  Homecoming Games
  • Sunday, October 29 to Wednesday, November 1 -   Big 8 Soccer
  • Wednesday, November 1 to Saturday, November 4 - Big 8 Basketball & Cheer
  • November 9 to 11 - BSBMUN IX 
  • Sunday, November 12 to Wednesday, November 15 -  Little 10 Girls Basketball, Cheer, Boys Soccer 
  • Wednesday, November 15 to Saturday, November 18 -  Little 10 Boys Basketball & Girls Soccer
  • Sunday, December 3 & Monday, December 4
    • AASB Varsity National Championship at OLM - must qualify at Big 8
  • Friday, December 1 - Club EAB & LS Athletics with Play Sports - Showcase 
  • Wednesday, December 6 - Club EAB & LS Athletics with Play Sports - Showcase 
  • Thursday, December 7 - Club EAB & LS Athletics with Play Sports - Showcase 
  • Thursday, December 7 - Club EAB & LS Athletics end
  • Saturday, December 9 - Varsity & JV Athletics end for Semester 1
  • Wednesday, December 13 - Varsity & JV - 2nd semester sign ups open
  • Friday, December 15 - last day of school for Semester 1