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The 5 Pillars: Responsibility
John Powell | Activities & Athletics Director

We are moving along with our Athletics program this semester and I would like to speak about our Athletics pillar of Responsibility! As a reminder, at EAB there are 5 pillars. They are Academics, Activities, Arts, Leadership, and Service.  Athletics is in the pillar of Activities and within this pillar, Athletics has pillars! The 5 pillars above are the foundation to our of EAB Athletics program.

We covered Safety in our bulletin from September and then Communication from our bulletin in January! 

A good question to begin with is: What is responsibility in athletics? To begin, this pillar covers all components of Athletics from the student-athletes to the coaches to the Athletics Director to the school!

For the student-athletes, their first responsibility is to take care of their academics. Academics are the reason we are in school and this topic needs to be at the forefront. When speaking about athletics and academics together, student-athletes are responsible for time management when it comes to homework/studying before or after practice, communication with teachers or coaches if they may miss class or practice, and being a role model on campus for younger generations. Responsibility on their specific team can be displaying maximum effort at every practice, speaking with your teammates in only a positive manner, understanding their role on the team, and knowing that as a team we can move forward together rather than alone! There is also the big responsibility to register for their sport of choice which gives every student the feeling of empowerment!

Parents have a responsibility to encourage their child to continue to develop in their sport regardless of the successes or struggles, supporting the school and athletics program from coaching choices to program design, and showing sportsmanship (a different pillar). These responsibilities of sportsmanship are always needed to be on display in situations like cheering the bleachers or conversations with their child after practices and competitions.  Other responsibilities of parents are to help us grow as an Athletics program by completing surveys, soliciting feedback, and following our deadlines for paperwork. The input helps us move forward to better our community of student-athletes and teams!

Lastly, as coaches, we have a responsibility to properly teach life skills in the sport to the student-athletes in a fun, sportsmanship-filled setting. This comes with providing drills and practices that are safe and developmentally appropriate for the teams along with preparing the teams for winning or losing in competitions. Finding competitions to showcase the progression of our teams is another needed responsibility. These competitions are our "measuring stick" to how we can compare our levels while finding appropriate teams to compete against. There is the responsibility to grow as a coach and learn new methods of coaching to educate our student-athletes and teams. This is something we are continuing to working on as coaches or learners inspiring learners!

In closing, responsibility is a strong foundation of our Athletics program at EAB!  We have various areas that hold each other accountable in all actions from academics to behavior. When you can, reflect with your student-athlete on how they are responsible within their commitment to an EAB team! How are they being a responsible student-athlete? What are some actions they take in preparing for practices or games? What do they feel is their responsibility on the team? This may get the conversation started!  Thank you for reading! 

Go Bulls!