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The Moth - True Stories Told Live
Andrew Jones | Director of Teaching & Learning

There's nothing quite like a good story. When you're telling a good story, it's almost like a different force takes over your body–the passion and excitement you feel as you rope your audience in. And when you're in that audience listening to a good story, there's something that happens to you as well; the story transports you to different realms, places where you see other people–and yourself–in an entirely different light.

This is why The Moth is such a fantastic EAB tradition. Its mantra is "True Stories Told Live" and for the past six years–even on Zoom during the pandemic–EAB high school students and teachers have boldly stepped up in front of audiences to tell stories that make people laugh, cry and experience every other emotion in between. This semester's edition included tales of 5th grade rogues sneaking up to the roof of the school, escaping the Italian mafia in Venice, stargazing for UFOs, and how our smallest memories might be the ones that have the largest impact. With each new story, our storytellers brought us into their worlds and, in turn, we reflected on our own stories and how they shape our lives. 

At EAB, we're always seeking to be inquisitive in life, and The Moth is a perfect example of this. Those who tell stories at The Moth spend hours upon hours figuring out why this particular story is so meaningful to them, deserving of an audience, and most crucially, they have to figure out the best way to tell it. What tone is most appropriate? Which gesture? How should I vary my volume? My pacing? There are so many things to consider when telling a story that matters so much. 

And those in the audience, from one story to the next, are prompted to look at their peers through different eyes–and quite often, this leads them to approach me saying, "Mr. Jones, I have a great story to tell at the next Moth!" As we all share in the beauty of storytelling together for an afternoon in the iCommons, undoubtedly, the best part of all is that we all have a great time together.