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Teachers Teaching Teachers

TTT: Actively Learn: A Cross-Curricular Reading Differentiation Tool
Michelle Mugatha | MS Humanities Teacher

The Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) Sessions happen every Wednesday and were designed as a chance for our faculty and staff to share their incredible wealth of knowledge with each other. 

This week we had Ms. Michelle Mugatha, our Middle School Humanities Teacher, talking about Actively Learn: A Cross-Curricular Reading Differentiation Tool

Why did you choose this theme to teach?

I have worked with this amazing reading platform for about nine years since it was a small US startup. It does incredible work in providing scaffolds for students so that everyone can access grade-level content. It allows teachers and schools to give real-time feedback and track lots of valuable data about students' progress toward standards in English, Social Studies, and Science.

How do you think this will impact students?

This program will train students to use close reading strategies, which have been proven to improve reading comprehension and enjoyment, build reading stamina, and improve reading test scores as well.