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Teachers Teaching Teachers

TTT: Anxiety
EAB's Counselors Team

The Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) Sessions happen every Wednesday and were designed as a chance for our faculty and staff to share their incredible wealth of knowledge with each other. 

This week we had our Counselors Team talking about Anxiety. 

Why did you choose this theme to teach?

As counselors, we see students dealing with stress in a variety of ways. We wanted to give teachers simple strategies to implement in their classrooms to help curb the lasting impacts of anxiety.

How do you think this will impact students?

The more adults in the building who can recognize highly stressed or anxious students, the better a network of support for these students becomes. The goal is to keep students in class, but we want them to be in a space ready for learning. As counselors, we know that not all students are in that space, but by empowering teachers, we can create an environment that helps students cope with immediate stress needs.