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Teachers Teaching Teachers

Vamshi Mugatha | Director of Technology

The Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) Sessions happen every Wednesday and were designed as a chance for our faculty and staff to share their incredible wealth of knowledge with each other. 

This week we had Mr. Vamshi Mugatha, our Middle School Humanities Teacher, talking about Chat GPT

Why did you choose this theme to teach?

For the past three months, AI and ChatGPT have been some of the most talked-about topics in the tech world. These technologies have a huge influence and impact on education, and I wanted to make sure everyone at our school was aware of the advancements in this field, so they can decide how to best incorporate them into their teaching. To facilitate this, I have gathered lots of valuable information and resources specifically for educators.

How do you think this will impact students?

By educating students on the ethical implications of AI and incorporating this technology into the classroom, teachers can equip students to make responsible decisions when using AI for their tasks. This will help to ensure that students are better prepared for the future of AI in education and can make educated choices about its use.