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Teachers Teaching Teachers

TTT: Debate Strategies in the Classroom
Andrew Jones | Director of Teaching & Learning

The Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) Sessions happen every Wednesday and were designed as a chance for our faculty and staff to share their incredible wealth of knowledge with each other. 

This week we had Mr. Andrew Jones, our Director of Teaching & Learning, talking about Debate Strategies in the Classroom

Why did you choose this theme to teach?

I'm always looking for new ways to engage students in a meaningful way in class discussions. While debate is a natural fit for a High School English class, I also think that it can be utilized in other classes to allow students different avenues to access course material. I decided to share this presentation so that I could provide a framework to teachers in different divisions and subjects so they could incorporate debate in informal and formal ways into their classrooms.

How do you think this will impact students?

Incorporating formal and informal debates into class helps students become better critical thinkers, more confident as speakers, and develop the resilience that comes as a result of having to think on their feet under the pressure of time. Debate also serves as a great motivator, as students frequently engage with debate at a higher level than they would if classes are just having a discussion.