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Teachers Teaching Teachers

TTT: Man Up
Andrew Jones | Director of Teaching & Learning

The Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) Sessions happen every Wednesday and were designed as a chance for our faculty and staff to share their incredible wealth of knowledge with each other. 

This week we had Mr. Andrew Jones, our Director of Teaching & Learning, talking about "Man Up." 

Why did you choose this theme to teach?

In recent years, we've seen a lack of leadership and engagement from male students in on-campus activities. This presentation aims to find the best ways to boost our boys so they can thrive as students and young men. As a teacher, coach, FLEX Team leader, and club advisor, it's my goal that students are able to find their passions, succeed and be happy on many different levels at EAB.

How do you think this will impact students?

Sharing information and raising awareness about this issue is crucial to having an impact on our students. The notion of tackling men's issues is challenging on many levels and requires open dialogue and creative ideas. The TTT was part presentation, part discussion on a topic that is centered on student learning and student well-being--all with a forward eye to helping create active global citizens prepared to engage with the world around us.