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Upper School News

Big 8 - Cheer takes GOLD! Boys Basketball medals! All Bulls represent!
John Powell | Activities & Athletics Director

The Big 8 was full of winning moments for EAB! Regardless of whether the scoreboard stated the Bulls won or not! Our 5 Varsity teams represented our community to the fullest! This Big 8 was a one to remember! Varsity Cheer took home the Gold Medal among the 6 participating schools!! The 12 girls and coaches practiced every day at the tournament, cheered on the sideline for all the basketball games, and then rocked their performance on Friday afternoon in front of the whole camp! If you want to see the routine, please use this link! It was a fantastic performance, dedication, and overall routine! The final score to declare the Bulls Champions of the Big 8 Cheer was 104.5 to EAB and 103.75 to EARJ! It was such a close margin, but our Bulls were the stars! Congratulations on the first Cheer championship in 19 years and the first Big 8 championship since we returned to a scoring contest!

Head Coach Luiz Felipe (Fifo) had this to say when asked about the Bulls in the Big 8!

"It was a really surprising year!! We doubled the number of our cheerleaders from last year! With that, we were able to bring the Gold Medal home for the first time with our varsity team!! It was a rough 2 months of a lot of work! Getting into NR, our first practices weren't the best ones! And that's normal when the nervousness goes out, but we got 6 total practices! Four Official ones and 2 in the field! The confidence in the girls came through and surprised us in the last couple of days working together!"


Our Boys Basketball team played with the best of the tournament and took home 3rd place to end a 13-year medal drought! The 3rd place victory came against Sant'Anna in a game that saw the Bulls never trail on the scoreboard! The team stayed together, rose up to the challenge, and had the mental toughness to return the Bulls to the podium!

Head Coach Andy Jones reflected on the tournament and shared these thoughts:

"Going into the tournament, the boys varsity team was in rarefied air: we were 10-0 and hadn't lost a game in Brasilia. We knew, though, that Big 8 was an entirely different animal. So we approached the tournament with confidence and high hopes, but also the understanding that the tournament hasn't been kind to EAB recently. It had been 13 years since we'd managed to finish in the top 3 and win a medal. So the boys' 3rd place finish and bronze medal--a result of hard work, teamwork, and an unparalleled sense of togetherness--is something we're all really proud of."



Our Girls Soccer team just missed a podium appearance and fell to EAC in the 3rd place game 3-0. This team battled through various injuries and setbacks during the tournament but always played their hearts out! This was the best team that supported other groups in the Big 8! Great job, ladies! 

The Girls Basketball team finished in 6th place with a solid performance in the tournament. There were games where the ball simply didn't bounce in our favor, which happens in sport. The energy and hustle were always present from this strong group of 11 student-athletes!

Boys Soccer finished in 7th place after defeating ISC in a thrilling 5-4 game! The Bulls were seconds away from having a different outcome to this tournament. The group stage provided multiple challenges with our group's two finalists (Graded & Sant'Anna). This was a very entertaining and hard working team to watch throughout the games! Next time, Bulls!


A shout-out to the Seniors on each team that played their final game in their respective sport! You will be missed, but there are more opportunities coming to compete in Liga Brasilia and other sports next semester!! Congratulations Arthur, Bella, Chhaya, Clara, Giulia, Helena, João Vitor, Juliet, Laura, Lila, Luisa, Luiz Arthur, Maya, Mikalah, Rose, Witold!


Lastly, a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our Sportsmanship winners from each team! 

Cheer - Camille Mercado

Girls Basketball - Sophi Miles

Girls Soccer - Giulia Morro 

Boys Soccer - Bernardo Haddad

Boys Basketball - Aidan Proulx



Overall, when we look back on the tournament, we are so proud of our student-athletes and coaches, regardless of any outcome! Their dedication to representing our community on the main stage is undeniably a bright moment in this school year of the 1st-semester athletics season. We learned our lessons along the way and enjoyed the moments that showed our potential and growth! Bulls Up! Bulls United!


Please see all of our game results below! We will return to the Big 8 for Futsal and Volleyball from April 7-13, 2024!


Varsity Girls Soccer Schedule

Monday, October 30 vs EAC (2-2 loss on penalties, 3-2)

Monday, October 30 vs Sant'Anna (6-0 win)

Tuesday, October 31 vs Chapel (4-1 win)

Tuesday, October 31 vs EARJ (5-0 loss) - Semifinals

Wednesday, November 1 vs EAC (4-0 loss) - 3rd place game


Varsity Boys Soccer Schedule

Monday, October 30 vs Graded (4-0 loss)

Monday, October 30 vs Sant'Anna (2-2 loss on penalties, 4-3)

Tuesday, October 31 vs ISC (6-1 win)

Tuesday, October 31 vs EAC (2-1 loss) - Consolation bracket

Wednesday, November 1 vs ISC (5-4 win) - 7th place game


Varsity Girls Basketball Schedule

Thursday, November 2 vs ISC (51-27 loss)

Thursday, November 2 vs EAC (24-20 loss)

Friday, November 3 vs Sant'Anna (28-4 win)

Friday, November 3 vs Chapel (34-14 win) - Consolation bracket

Saturday, November 4 vs PACA (29-19 loss) - 5th place game


Varsity Boys Basketball Schedule

Thursday, November 2 vs PACA (40-32 win)

Thursday, November 2 vs Graded (52-42 loss)

Friday, November 3 vs EAC (41-26 win)

Friday, November 3 vs EARJ (55-31 loss) - Semifinals

Saturday, November 4 vs Sant'Anna (56-42 win) - 3rd place game


Varsity Cheer schedule

Friday, November 3 at 14:45 - Cheer Competition - Final Results

  1. EAB
  2. EARJ 
  3. EAC 
  4. Chapel
  5. PACA
  6. Graded