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Big 8 Futsal & Volleyball - Bulls perform at a high level with Sportsmanship!
John Powell | Activities & Athletics Director

The Big 8, as mentioned in last week's article, is in a new format for the first time in Volleyball & Futsal, with the same eight schools participating that compete in Basketball & Soccer. This week-long trip is split into two tournaments, and our community loves every second of the futsal games and every point in the volleyball games! Especially since we have been able to live stream! The special moments made between our teams, other schools, and at the infamous camp site of Nosso Recanto (NR) will be talked about for years to come!

As this is a very special tournament that showcases our Seniors' last chance at Big 8 glory, we want to give a shout-out to them! Congratulations to Helena Barros, Alexia Bender, Antonio Borsoi, Daniel Cavalieros, Karina Fiskum, Sergio Fraguas Neto, Westley Jacanin, Mekdes LeGrand-Carney, Rafael Mancini Nataf, Ferdinand Montpaz, Thomas Rheaume, and Henrique Rodopoulos for representing the Bulls throughout their EAB athletics careers! You will be missed from our program!!

(missing from picture: Sergio Fraguas Neto, Rafael Mancini Nataf, Thomas Rheaume, Henrique Rodopoulos)

All results are below, and I encourage our community to follow along as the placement games begin today for Girls' Volleyball & Boys' Futsal. This tournament finishes tomorrow, and the Bulls will make their way back home! Earlier this week, our Boys' Volleyball team finished 8th place while our Girls' Futsal finished 6th!

In our educational athletics program, though, winning is not the main goal. Our program develops our teams to be better student-athletes while handling themselves on the court or field with poise! This is Sportsmanship at its finest and a pillar in EAB Athletics!

For Sportsmanship specifically, at the end of each game, the captain from each team distributes a '"green card" to the opponent's player that best represents fair play during the competition. This special moment at the Big 8 shows no matter the result of the game, our teams need to remember it's all about respecting the opponent and rewarding good behavior! After the five games played, the player on each team from each school with the most Green Cards is recognized with a Fair Play & Sportsmanship Plaque at the Closing Ceremony! Our Green Card winners from Boys Volleyball and Girls Futsal were Alu Mgengo & Giulia Morro, respectively. While the Girls' Volleyball and Boy's Futsal tournament is currently finishing today and tomorrow, so these results are still pending.

Please take a look below to see the results of the games, but know that there were much deeper learnings and team bonding moments outside of the scores! If you would like to follow us on Instagram at @EAB_ATHLETICS_! And if you want to see the remaining games live for EAB, tune into the NR Youtube Channel to see the live stream by clicking here! Go Bulls!

Varsity Girls Futsal results

  • April 10 vs. CHAPEL, 2-0 Win
  • April 10 vs. EARJ, 6-1 Loss
  • April 11 vs. SANT'ANNA, 6-2 Loss
  • April 11 vs. PACA, 1-0 Win
  • April 12 vs. CHAPEL, 1-0 Loss (5th place game)

Sportsmanship Winner = Giulia Morro

Varsity Boys Volleyball results

  • April 10 vs. CHAPEL, 2-0 Win
  • April 10 vs. GRADED, 2-0 Loss
  • April 11 vs. SANT'ANNA, 2-0 Loss
  • April 11 vs. EAC, 2-0 Loss
  • April 12 vs. ISC, 2-1 Loss (7th place game)

Sportsmanship Winner = Alu Mgengo

Varsity Girls Volleyball results

  • April 13 vs. ISC, Loss 2-1
  • April 13 vs. SANT'ANNA @ 15:30
  • April 14 vs. GRADED @ 9:30
  • April 14 - playoffs
  • April 15 - placement games

Sportsmanship Winner - To Be Determined


Varsity Boys Futsal results

  • April 13 vs. SANT'ANNA, Loss 1-0
  • April 13 vs. GRADED @ 20:00
  • April 14 vs. PACA @ 11:00
  • April 14 - playoffs
  • April 15 - placement game

Sportsmanship Winner - To Be Determined