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College and Career Corner: Bryant University
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High School & College Counseling Team

I love a bargain; I define a bargain as getting more than you would expect. Bryant University is a bargain, not because its tuition is low, but because it is consistently ranked highly for business majors yet they have an acceptance rate of 65%. As far as affordability, they are expensive, yet all students, including international, are eligible for merit-based scholarships.

Known for their Business programs such as International Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship/Social Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management and Public Relations; Bryant also has Sport Science, Psychology, Nutrition, Global Studies, Political Science and Communications. Bryant also has 3 accelerated majors, that enable students to complete these programs with advanced degrees: 3+1 Accelerated Fourth Year MBA, 3+3 Juris Doctor Program, and 4+1 Accelerated MS Actuarial Science.

The educational atmosphere is just as unique. Professors tend to be from industry not academia so they provide real world insights to their classes. Dialogue and discussion are encouraged, and many classes have an interdisciplinary approach. Students have shared that classes are always focused on learning rather than grades. While students tend to be busy academically, they are also active outside the classroom. Sports are popular, from watching the Bryant Bulldogs, to playing intramural sports. Close to Providence, students will often go into the city for dinner or other activities. Students also will travel to Boston for the weekend.
Notable Alumni: Not all Bryant’s famous alumni are in Business. Jose B Gonzalez is a published Poet; Anne Wexler is a Political Consultant; Ken Oringer is a Chef and Restauranteur; Sandra Cano is a Rhode Island State Senator; David Beirne is a Venture Capitalist; and Nicholas Colasanto is an Actor and Television Director.

Fun Fact: Founded in 1863, women were accepted to study at Bryant from the very beginning. Indeed, since 1963 Bryant has held a Women's Symposium (now Summit) that promotes women in business.