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College and Career Corner: Saint Louis University - Madrid
Communications Department

Those of you who know me will know that I believe when it comes to undergraduate classes, smaller is better. I'm also always looking for more affordable opportunities at schools that are academically excellent. SLU Madrid ticks all of these boxes.

While SLU in St. Louis is well-known and respected, you might not know that they have a campus in Madrid. The same professors who teach in huge lecture halls in St. Louis teach small interactive classes in Madrid. For students who want a top university education with small classes, SLU Madrid is for them. Students can earn a US Bachelor's Degree in 16 Majors, including Marketing, Business, Psychology, and Computer Science, at an affordable price. Not only that, but they can live in the heart of Europe, Madrid.

Much like a US-based university, SLU Madrid provides opportunities to play over 20 sports, join and/or develop a wealth of clubs, and make a difference through community service. But of course, living in Madrid is an opportunity all its own. Many put Madrid at the top of their list for livability. The weather tends to be mild, and even though it is the capital of Spain, it is more affordable than most of Europe

Notable Alumni: What do Enrique Bolaños (Former President of Nicaragua), Edward Adelbert Doisy (Nobel Prize Winner in Physics), James Gunn (Musician, Novelist, and Cinematographer), Patricia Murray (Director at Intel) and Gene Kranz (Fighter Pilot and Aerospace Engineer) have in common? They all graduated from Saint Louis University.

Fun Fact: If you attend SLU Madrid, you will be a Billiken, which is also the name of SLU's school mascot.