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Upper School News

Fall Musical Showcase
Grace McCallum, Head of School

The arts are such an important part of the DNA of our community. The musical showcase over the past weekend was a beautiful example of this. It was planned and executed so well!


As they say,  many hands lighten the load and that is certainly true of an event like this. There are so many people who contribute to an event like this. 


  • Ms. Jenna and Mr. Tiago Rocha - You are incredible!

  • A very special thank you to Cynthia and her team. 

  • Wanderson Freitas

  • The Sound and light technicians

  • Ms. Diva and her team in the office

  • Victor Fernandes and the communications team

  • Mr. Misael Silvestre who played the piano for the event

  • Yusuf was a wonderful guest musician!

A very special thank you to 2 departments whose work is invisible at times, the amazing maintenance team and our security team. Events like this would not happen without you. 

Ms. Jenna and Mr. Tiago, we can't thank you enough for this beautiful celebration of our musicians.

Grace McCallum
Head of School