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IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2023
Fiona Murphy | US & IB Art Teacher

The IBDP visual arts course is a two-year journey that encourages students to challenge their creativity and express themselves through the arts. It is a thought-provoking program where students must question their culture, experiences, and the world around them. Students learn to problem solve and develop technical, analytical, and research skills. They experiment with various materials and techniques and explore the visual arts from different perspectives. Students critique and reflect on their work and the works of classic and contemporary artists worldwide.

On Wednesday, March 29th, the IB visual art students will open their exhibition with a reception in the iCommons from 7-9 pm. The exhibition will stay up until April 4th. The students will hang and curate their work according to the experience they want the viewers to have. The IBDP Visual arts program lets students focus on a theme they present at the exhibition. Some of this year's themes chosen by the students include personal growth, family identity, inner conflict, anxiety, time, memory, knowledge, and beliefs. The four Seniors exhibiting are Chandler Capistrano, Helena Barros, Glori Miles, and Bruna Ligocki. We are also inviting our 11 juniors to display with the graduating seniors to allow them to practice curating and have the whole exhibiting experience in preparation for their final IB exhibit next year. The Juniors are Diego Piedmont-Gauvin, Madeline Wray, Anya Gruenwald, Maya Castaneda Moore, Maria Guimaraês, Maria Luisa Nacimento, Luísa Machado, Luísa Miari, Sophia Oppenheimer, Helena Leal, and Ana Carolina Lucena.

On the night of the opening, students will talk about their artwork with the public attending. They will display their work process in their sketchbooks and digital portfolios. 

The exhibition will be open to the EAB community until April 4th from 8 - 9  am and 3:10 - 4:30 pm.

Hope to see you there!


Ms. Fiona Murphy
US & IB Art Teacher