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College and Career Corner: University of Virginia
Michaella Beatty | High School & College Counselor

Founded by Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia is a public school located in Charlottesville, Virginia (USA). An academically rigorous school, students are welcomed onto a quintessential college campus. Having visited this campus, I can attest that their gorgeous green space is often filled with students throwing a frisbee or studying under a tree. A challenging school academically, students have a wide variety of class options and the average class size is between 20-29 students. Students mention beautiful library and study spaces as well as availability of professors and access to resources. You can study just about anything here from Medieval Studies to Youth and Social Innovation to Environmental Sciences. Popular undergraduate majors are Business, Economics, and Biology. 

The average UVA student is heavily involved and often has many extracurricular activities. There are over 700 clubs on offer, with students logging over 108 thousand service hours a year. UVA is a large public school when it comes to athletics, with 25 varsity teams and 33 NCAA Team National Championships. A thriving arts program, UVA students have access to free and reduced tickets for shows, concerts, and art shows. As with any large public university, finding your niche is important, but there is usually something for everyone. They even have a Brazilian student association!

UVA is currently the #1 Best Public College in the US for Financial Aid. 

Notable Alumni: Edgar Allan Poe (American poet- you can even see his dorm room if you go visit), Tina Fey (Film and television actress, writer and producer), Rick Carlisle (Head coach of the NBA Dallas Mavericks), Elizabeth Smith (Chairman and CEO of the parent organization of Outback Steakhouse and others), Peter "Jeff" Wisoff  (astronaut)

Fun Fact: While they won't tell you they have secret societies, if you go on a tour of their campus, they also won't not tell you they have secret societies on campus. This has been a part of student life since 1825. In general, they are a positive addition to student life, but you'll never "meet" a member.