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Service at EAB

Service is fundamental in the development of the whole child, and as one of the pillars at EAB, we strongly believe in the importance of helping others on our campus, in the greater Brasilia community, and worldwide. This year's Upper School service projects have been growing in number and quality. We believe in the importance of empowering students to not only choose the service activities they would like to participate in but also to give them the opportunity to create new ones as well as to lead other students in diverse projects.



The National Honor Society (NHS) has been engaged in repurposing school uniforms, and all proceeds are used to fund service projects in the larger Brasilia community. Since July 1st, they have successfully made R$2,410. NHS members began tutoring LS students in the after-school Family Program, in which they develop a tutoring program with the children's teachers. They also created a "You Belong Board" in which community members were able to write caring messages to each other encouraging positive mental health and spreading kindness.

Medlife and NHS members worked together to create posters to spread mental health awareness during the month of September, and Medlife made yellow ribbons for our community.

NHS Uniform Drive
The You Belong Board
Medlife making ribbons for Yellow September


Medlife ran an incredibly successful Walkathon in which community members came together to walk in honor of those who have fought cancer in support of Pink October. We would like to thank all community members for their participation in the event and for their generous donations, which will help our students purchase head scarves, bras, and prostheses for women. Medlife is currently working with Recomeçar, a clinic that supports women who are undergoing breast reconstruction, and the proceeds will assist these women. 

Pink October Walkathon


National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) fundraised for Reciclando Sons, an institution in Estrutural that focuses on the social inclusion of children and teenagers through education and music. Not only did they have the opportunity to meet the children from Reciclando Sons, but they also had lunch with them when they visited EAB's campus this past week.


Grade 5 students volunteered at the sabado legal event and successfully sold popcorn. All proceeds will be used to purchase items for the refugees at S.O.S. Aldeias Infantis. The Lower School Service Ambassadors in both grades 4 and 5 were chosen by their peers. Congratulations to: Ariana, Josiah, Kaya, Jax, Hiroji, Pedro, Alice, and Arthur.  These students are beginning to brainstorm ideas for service projects they would like to run, and also participated in the lunch gathering with the children from Reciclando Sons. All Grade 4 and 5 students participated in an initial service meeting and are in the process of choosing an institution they would like to assist for the remainder of the school year.


Our students are also actively engaged in running and leading Upper School (US) clubs, helping our internal community. They meet teacher supervisors to organize meetings, they develop projects, teach other EAB students, and meet weekly to engage with their peers. At the moment, there are 30 clubs in the US, and our students have done a tremendous job of running and leading these groups!