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Lower School

Grades 1 through 5

Our Lower School is a happy, fun, inclusive, and well-balanced learning place for young learners to discover and to explore the world around them. It is a place where students are encouraged to ask "big" questions. Educators are committed to creating a culture of inquiry that compels students to wonder, investigate, reflect, collaborate, and to learn through study and play. Passion Projects, Brazilian Studies, extra-curricular activities, experiential learning, and community involvement enhance and support students' achievement inside and outside the classroom. 


We can't wait to have your family in EAB's Lower School community.
If you wish to learn more about how we encourage our learners to be global citizens, please don't hesitate in contacting us.




What to Expect in...



Now that you know how our Lower School Students engage in their own learning, please read the Student Handbook to see our day-to-day in detail.


Making a Difference

The American School of Brasilia offers a rigorous academic program for students in grades PreK through 12. An integral part of this academic program is the support services program which is staffed to meet the needs of students with mild academic learning needs within an inclusive educational model.

Certified Learning Support Teachers, Counselors, ELL staff (as needed), classroom teachers, and administrators at all levels work cooperatively to address the majority of student needs by differentiating within the regular education classroom. If needed, and when possible, our staff collaborates with outside professionals, such as speech and language, occupational, physical therapists and psychologists, to best meet the needs of all students.


Choice and Opportunity

As children enjoy singing, playing instruments, and moving to music, EAB provides opportunities to develop the musical potential that every child has.

In EAB’s two Lower School art studios, all students have the chance to be artists. It is a place where students can take risks, try new materials, and express themselves.

Physical Education curriculum in Grades 1-5 is currently based on the S.H.A.P.E. standards. The emphasis in this domain is on physical development as an integral part of children’s well-being, personal health, and safety.

To help cultivate a STEAM-oriented mindset, EAB has a Makerspace area in which students practice and apply design thinking skills in a hands-on setting with a real-world focus.

Learning Gateways

We believe that students learn by doing. By engaging students in hands-on experiences, passion projects, field trips and reflection, they are better prepared to connect what they are learning to real-world situations and to transfer the knowledge across disciplines.